National Tourism Year 2022 to boost ‘new normal’ tourism

10:26 | 29/03/2022 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) -  Themed “Quang Nam - A green destination”, National Tourism Year 2022 is expected to help Vietnam’s tourism recover and develop under “new normal” conditions.

Featured highlights

According to Nguyen Thanh Hong, Director of the Quang Nam Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, National Tourism Year 2022 will feature 192 events, including 10 international and national-level events to be organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, 62 events to be organized by Quang Nam Province, and 120 other events in 40 cities and provinces nationwide.

national tourism year 2022 to boost new normal tourism

The highlight of this year’s event is the opening ceremony at Hoi An Memory Island on March 25, which will be broadcast live. The closing ceremony and celebration of New Year 2023 will be held at VinWonder Hoi An Amusement Park in Quang Nam Province’s Thang Binh District by the end of December.

Additionally, Quang Nam Province will organize the “Korean Culture Days in Hoi An”; cultural exchange activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnamese-Indian diplomatic relations, ao dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) shows, Hoi An Memories show, and Trinh Cong Son music night. The province is expected to welcome 4.2 million tourist arrivals this year, including 1.7 million foreign visitors, yielding total revenue of VND6 trillion.

Quang Nam Province is a central Vietnamese coastal province known for its abundant natural and cultural tourism destinations. It is home to two UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage sites – Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary, the Cu Lao Cham biosphere reserve, Tra Que vegetable, Kim Bong carpentry and Thanh Ha pottery villages, and Bay Mau water coconut forest. The province is renowned for the art of Bai Choi singing – a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Given this varied potential, Quang Nam is featured on many international travel websites. Hoi An received the World Tourism Award as "Asia's Leading Cultural City Destination" in 2019 and 2021 and was named one of the most romantic destinations worldwide by Time Out magazine (UK) this year. National Tourism Year 2022 is expected to greatly boost tourism in Quang Nam in particular and Vietnam in general.

national tourism year 2022 to boost new normal tourism
Quang Nam attracts foreign visitors

Green tourism

Green growth, green tourism is the main trend of Vietnam's tourism. In recent years, new generation tourists are paying greater attention to environmental issues along their journeys, especially following the outbreak of Covid-19. Green tourism, which is based on rational and effective exploitation of natural and cultural resources, in association with environmental protection, has been identified as a key for Vietnam’s sustainable tourism development. General Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) Nguyen Trung Khanh, affirmed that green tourism is the main development direction of Vietnam's tourism and was included in the tourism development strategy to 2030.

According to Nguyen Thanh Hong, Director of the Quang Nam Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the locality has issued a set of green tourism criteria for travel firms, accommodation facilities, restaurants, and destinations, as well as launching green tourism products specifically for tourists.

According to Le Tri Thanh, Chair of the Quang Nam Province People's Committee, the National Tourism Year 2022’s theme of “Quang Nam - A green tourism destination” sends a message that Quang Nam is growing strongly while attaching importance to cultural heritage conservation and green, sustainable tourism development.

National Tourism Year 2022 themed “Quảng Nam – a green tourism destination” highlights cultural, economic and social events on a national and international scale, as well as the biggest annual events of Vietnam’s tourism sector.

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