National Technology Innovation program until 2030 issued

10:00 | 11/02/2021 Science - Technology

The Prime Minister has just issued the National Technology Innovation Program up to 2030.

Design of the National Innovation Center (Photo:

The program aims to facilitate and support enterprises to transfer, innovate and perfect technologies, create high quality products with high added value; promote the transfer of technologies for agricultural development in rural and mountainous areas and regions; and train scientific and technological human resources for technology transfer, renewal and improvement.

The specific target is that by 2025, the number of enterprises implementing technology innovation will increase by an average of 15% per year; and 100% of enterprises producing key products will directly participate in the programme to form research and development organizations. There are 3-5 key product industries that own or create advanced technologies in the value chain to produce products with high added value and competitiveness in the market.

It also aims to increase labour productivity on the basis of technological innovation, especially in industries and fields of high added value, high export value and high technology use. Enterprises directly participating in the program are expected to have labour productivity at least 1.5 times higher than their labour productivity without technological innovation.

Each economic region should form at least one typical technology transfer application research model, suitable to the specific conditions of the locality, for replication.

The program's tasks and solutions are to improve legal institutions and promote technology innovation activities; formulating and implementing a roadmap to improve national technological capacity; researching and mastering advanced technologies in the production of keyproducts and products with high added value in the value chain and high competitiveness in the market; supporting small and medium enterprises in technological innovation; stepping up support for technology innovation activities in rural and mountainous regions facing difficult and extremely difficult socio-economic conditions; increasing financial resources for implementing the programme; and promoting international cooperation.

Theo NDO