Nam Dinh, Thai Binh develop disease-free pig production for export

11:07 | 24/10/2017 Society

The Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is implementing a project to build safe and disease-free pig breeding region meeting requirements for export in the northern provinces of Nam Dinh and Thai Binh.

A pig farm in My Loc district of Nam Dinh - Photo: VNA

The project, which is conducted from 2015-2020, is part of Decision 441/QD-BNN-TY on sustainable development of the breeding sector with international standards for export.

By September 2017, the project helped develop 22 concentrated pig breeding farms in Thai Binh and 23 others in Nam Dinh, with 11 farms in Thai Binh and six others in Nam Dinh recognised as chlorella-free farms.

Thai Binh has 26 farms linking with four enterprises and one breeding association and 11 co-operatives in its production chain, while Nam Dinh has also set up some similar chains.

Statistics on April 1, 2017 showed that Thai Binh has 1 million pigs bred in 546 farms, while Nam Dinh has nearly 780,000 pigs with 30 large-scale farms.

Theo VNA