Nam Dinh develops industrial clusters

10:06 | 10/05/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Nam Dinh is focusing on resolving problems with local industrial cluster development to attract more investors into the province.

Nam Dinh develops industrial clusters

Production in the Xuan Tien Industrial Cluster

According to Head of the Nam Dinh Industrial Management Department Tran Van Lieu, the province planned to have 31 industrial clusters until 2020. Currently, it has 20 industrial clusters under operation which are basically covered, especially by producers from local craft villages.

However, Nam Dinh has neglected industrial cluster planning for the past seven years and has now received a series of claims for production sites from local craft and industrial producers.

The Xuan Truong District-based Xuan Tien Industrial Cluster was built to accommodate production bases from Xuan Tien Mechanical Village specializing in manufacturing agricultural semi-motorized machines. However, only several bases have fortunately moved in, escaping the crowded village. The moved small-scale bases employed just 5-7 workers to handle 1-2 tool machines and could only afford to rent from 1,000-2,000sq.m then have now wanted to rent more to expand production but have found it impossible due to a lack of available sites, said Dinh Tan Viet, the representative of the Xuan Tien Industrial Cluster.

Nam Dinh will review its industrial cluster development plan during the 2016-2020 period based on local cluster development suggestions. The Nam Dinh Department of Natural Resources and Environment is promoting the replanning of industrial clusters at a district level, based on which, the Nam Dinh Department of Industry and Trade will provide consultancy for the Nam Dinh People’s Committee in adjusting the detailed industrial cluster plan, Tran Van Lieu said.

Deputy Head of the Nam Dinh Industrial Management Department Phan Thuy Linh said the adjustment will face difficulties especially in term of administrative procedures as required by Prime Ministerial Decision 105/QD-TTg. Moreover, some industrial clusters are distracting investors due to poor transport infrastructure.

Aware of this, the Nam Dinh People’s Committee has prepared a handful of immediate solutions to boost site-efficient use and services at some industrial clusters including Van Chang, Dong Coi and Nghia Son and expand several other key industrial clusters like An Xa and Xuan Tien. In addition, it will continue building infrastructure in Thinh Long and Thinh Lam, set up My Thang and Nam Thanh, and approve the establishment of Binh Yen.

Investors in industrial points located in Nam Dinh’s towns and districts with craft and industrial development potential will be assigned to 1.5-2ha sites. 


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