NA Standing Committee to sit ten sessions in 2017

08:15 | 07/02/2017 Events

The 14th National Assembly Standing Committee (NASC) is expected to hold ten sessions this year, according to the recently released 2017 working program.

NA Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan speaks during a session of the 14th NA Standing Committee (Credit:

Regarding the preparation, convention and chairing of NA sessions, the NASC will coordinate with the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and relevant agencies and organisations to formulate projected programmes and prepare as well as chair the third and fourth NA sessions.

In addition, NASC will direct organisations of the NA specialised deputies’ gatherings and other conferences to collect feedback from NA deputies, managers, experts and scientists on a number of projected bills and other important issues when necessary, while coordinating with the Vietnam Fatherland Front to report opinions and proposals raised by voters nationwide to the NA and advise the NA to make resolutions on the settlement of voters’ petitions.

Regarding the formulation of laws and ordinances, the NASC will further direct the revision, amendment, supplement and promulgation of legal documents to concretise provisions of the Constitution, meeting requirements for national socio-economic development.

The NA’s committee will also steer the NA Council for Ethnic Affairs and NA’s relevant committees to coordinate closely with the Ministry of Justice and concerned law drafting agencies to actively implement the 2017 programme on building laws and ordinances, ensuring finalisation of draft laws to submit to the NA for consideration and adoption.

The committee will also direct the preparation and submission to the NA of the Resolution on the 2018 Programme on building laws and ordinances, while reviewing and commenting on joining international treaties in accordance with relevant laws.

In regards to NA monitoring work, the NASC will make additional evaluations on the results of the implementation of socio-economic development plans and the State budget in 2016, the implementation of socio-economic development plans and the State budget in the first months of 2017, the State budget settlement in 2015 and thrift practice and waste combat in 2016, as well as other reports from concerned authorities, in addition to directing relevant report completion to submit to the 14th NA’s third session.

Regarding foreign affairs, the NASC will direct implementation of bilateral and multilateral exchange programmes of the NA’s bodies, while coordinating diplomatic relations among the NA with diplomatic activities from the Party, State and people's diplomacy.

It will also actively participate in relevant forums and inter-parliamentary cooperation which Vietnam’s NA is a member of, in addition to facilitating the negotiation, signing and implementation of international treaties.

The NA’s body will strengthen advocacy and mobilise support for Vietnam’s struggle on the issues of democracy, human rights, religion, dealing with war aftermath consequences, assisting victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, the disabled and other humanitarian activities aimed at enhancing the role and position of Vietnam’s NA on the international arena.

Theo NDO