MyClass: More convenient, practical English course for working people

06:00 | 10/12/2021 Society

MyClass is an effective English course for adults designed by the British Council. Launched in 2014, it offers an ideal learning environment and deploys methods to improve interaction in English. After its launch, realizing a great demand from working people, the British Council has upgraded the course to a new version with appropriate in-depth improvements for office employees.

Starting December 2021, students can register for the MyClass course to benefit from a practical, industry-intensive curriculum that offers many opportunities to practice communicating in English in a working environment.

The MyClass course gives students the choice of choosing a convenient study time, topics and even teachers

The course upgrade is based on three basic criteria to make it More connected - More convenient - More practical. Learners are not only helped to become more confident in using the English language, but also given the possibility of exploring career enhancing opportunities.

One of the practical features of the MyClass course is that it offers great flexibility. Students can actively choose topics that suit their actual needs; select teachers with outstanding teaching styles and choose a study time that fits in with their work schedule.

Apart from adjusting its content, MyClass will also upgrade technology to support the students' learning process to the fullest possible extent. An online reservation system and learning progress tracking board with a new, easier-to-use interface, helps students proactively arrange their timetable, choose content as well as track their learning progress.

The British Council has also set up the MyClub, which facilitates an environment where people can continuously practice their English. Students will not only be able to improve their listening and speaking skills and acquire confidence in communication, they can also discuss practical topics

The course gives students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, increasing their confidence in using English in all situations.

The British Council's MyClass classes are led by experienced teachers, keeping students oriented and motivated to hone their language skills. It allows students to choose practical study topics that suit their individual needs and supports their goals.

Huong Ngoc