MVV Academy – Vietnam and Tinh Van Consulting sign cooperation agreement

13:13 | 30/09/2021 Science - Technology

On September 29, 2021, MVV Academy – Vietnam and Tinh Van Consulting signed a Cooperation Agreement to promote and develop management products, also to develop modern human resources from this point forward. This cooperation would mark a critical and promising strategic alliance between two market leaders in providing Human Resource Management solutions and Human Resource development solutions in Vietnam.

Regarding this agreement, the two parties will cooperate to build advanced technology products to adhere to the trend and organize a chain of seminars, which engages in building the corporate culture and human development for the Vietnamese enterprises. In addition, the two parties will integrate products from one another to provide outright solutions for customers, from recruitment, management to development according to the employee experience.

mvv academy vietnam and tinh van consulting sign cooperation agreement

Regarding this agreement, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, Chairman of MVV Academy, shared: “Today’s signing ceremony between MVV Academy and Tinh Van Consulting marks a significant milestone for both parties. There is a great correlation between the two organizations - which are the belief in the potential of Vietnamese human resources, the profound understanding of technology base and organizational building process as well as the working experience for the organization and the leading company in Vietnam. The context of the modern digital economy requires traditional organizations, businesses, and traditional models to make drastic changes to continue to sustain and develop further. Moreover, change doesn’t start from the technology base, but change starts from human beings. Therefore, by means of this cooperation, I hope that the integral human resource management solution from Tinh Van Consulting merged with the integral human resource management solution from MVV Academy will truly bring the development motivation rapidly for Vietnamese businesses.”

Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong, General Director of Tinh Van consulting shared about this cooperation:

MVV Academy and Tinh Van Consulting are units that offer distinct solutions but target the same audience – the Vietnamese workforce. We both share a concern about the labor productivity of the Vietnamese workforce, which currently ranks the lowest in the region. Changing this situation is relatively challenging, and it’s not easy to solve this issue in the short run, also cannot be settled by a single solution. The digital transformation, as an inevitable trend of the world, creates opportunities, but at the same time, a great challenge for the domestic workforce in the risk of being left out progressively, which impacts directly the competitive position of the Vietnamese enterprises. Hence, for this reason, we integrate the advantages of each side to collectively advance the Human Resources and Training ecosystem, as to enhance the internal resources of the business and the value of the workforce. I believe that the synergies in cooperation between the two companies will bring significant benefits to businesses, especially to the customer communities of each party.

The cooperation of the two companies is expected to deliver more efficient values to the Vietnamese enterprises. MVV Academy is a pioneer organization in applying technology to human resource training and development activities. HiStaff is an integral human resource management software solution that has been developed by Tinh Van Consulting since 2004 and it has been deployed in the market for more than 17 years. HiStaff has been accompanying more than 200 leading businesses in various fields and industries, also contributing to supporting enterprises that manage more than 300,000 employees in an absolute, transparent and inventive approach.

MVV Academy is a pioneer for blended learning in Vietnam. The Academy supports training programs for

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building competency frameworks, learning and development model; Design and build multimedia learning

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