MVV Academy launches professional training platform

09:39 | 06/07/2021 Events

MVV Academy, a Vietnamese leader in e-learning solutions, has announced to launch their newest training platform for working professionals.  

The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in disruptions of various sectors in the Vietnamese economy, including stagnation in business training activities. This current situation, however, critically requires businesses to focus on training to revise their employee’s skill set, update them with new knowledge, maintain their engagement and motivation, and adjust to the new normal. To fulfill that high demand for business continuity training programs, MVV Academy is launching MVV Uni, an advanced and comprehensive massive open online course platform (MOOC) that highly focuses on mobility, accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

mvv academy launches professional training platform

Affordable and easy to access, MVV Uni goes beyond content delivery by bringing working professionals an interactive and flexible experience to support their various learning needs. It acts as a one-stop-shop with courses in all essential business skill sets such as leadership, sales, marketing, management, soft skills, and digital transformation. Learners can customize their learning paths and upskill from anywhere, at any time by just a device connected to the Internet. With extensive experience building training programs for international organizations like ILO, UNDP and ADB, MVV Uni is an expert in designing courses that are strongly aligned with the market demand. Some of their most captivating and best-selling ones during the pandemic include Leadership in the New World, 21-Day Challenge for Excellent Employees, The Digital Transformation Specialist, How To Become a Marketing Director During the Pandemic, and Awaken Employees' Initiative.

To fulfill the goal of an affordable and accessible learning platform for all working professionals, MVV Uni currently provides different pricing options, which are:

- Start from VND299,000 for each course

- VND1,499,000 for a learning path of 5 to 6 courses

- VND2,499,000 for a yearly subscription (which equivalents to only about VND20,000 for a course)

mvv academy launches professional training platform

Mr. Bui Duc Quan, CEO of MVV Academy shared, “The epidemic has left negative impacts on many employee training activities of Vietnamese enterprises. By leveraging advanced technology, combined with experience in customer insights and building training content through our other products such as TopClass and Everlearn, MVV Academy has quickly built a solution to support businesses training their employees during Covid-19. Additionally, our ambition covers a "community university on the cloud" and a pocket-sized business training school for Vietnamese businesses which strategically partner with many of the world's leading training and capacity building organizations that we will announce in the near future.”

MVV Academy is a leading pioneer in the Vietnamese EdTech industry. Besides MVV Uni, some of their most notable products include TopClass - a knowledge-sharing platform from famous people, Everlearn - an e-learning management system for businesses, Consultant Anywhere - an online consulting application, and MVV Seneca - a micro-learning system. MVV academy is a strategic partner of global consulting and training organizations such as Samsung MultiCampus, Mercuri International, and ILO.

MVV Uni is a leading online learning platform with training programs on leadership, soft and professional skills. MVV Uni provides users with easy access and affordable courses which they can take anywhere at any time. MVV Uni currently has 200 courses, 28 learning paths and an unlimited 12-month subscription package.