MPI and Facebook launch “Vitality of Vietnam” program

16:12 | 10/08/2020 Events

In response to the Prime Minister's call for enhancing national spirit in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic as well as promoting economic recovery, the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and Facebook launched the "Vitality of Vietnam" program, aiming to promote national image, encourage investment, and develop human resources for businesses and support community development.

mpi and facebook launch vitality of vietnam program

The program includes a series of meaningful activities comprehensively implemented in a number of fields to support businesses, promote tourism, innovation, and support local communities during and after the pandemic.

Under the "Proud Vietnam'' project launched by MPI in late 2019 and following the successful cooperation between MPI and Facebook in the "Immense Vietnam" program on promoting tourism, the "Vitality of Vietnam" program will continue Facebook’s efforts to support businesses and local communities to overcome difficulties and recover during and after Covid-19. The program will be broadcasted on MPI page and Vietnam Facebook page, providing business skills through a series of online workshops as well as strategies for businesses to find and develop national human resources through social media.

Under the scope of “Proud Vietnam”, till the end of 2020, both parties will implement several programs targeting different groups, including “Love Vietnam” program with a series of short films and music videos about autistic children and “White sticks Vietnam” program in bid of supporting people with visual impairment.

This cooperation is one of Facebook's key initiatives dedicated to Vietnam, among the activities to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United States.

The event also officially launches the “Each citizen is an ambassador” campaign to encourage people to be an ambassador in fighting Covid-19 and contributing to economic growth and recovery. People are encouraged to film and submit a 2-to-3-minute video sharing about the values that Vietnamese people have achieved in fighting Covid-19 as well as contributing to economic recovery. The meaningful messages gained from the campaign will be a source of encouragement for the whole country to overcome difficulties together.