Movan provides digital transformation solutions

06:00 | 24/12/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Movan ISO software has been in development since 2020, helping business and organizations to undergo digital transformation from production management and machine operations to data management. These processes are in line with ISO standards, enabling easy access of products and services to the domestic and international markets.

movan provides digital transformation solutions

Movan has identified many problems facing Vietnamese businesses in the process of digital transformation. Specifically, business leaders have to accommodate their processes to pre-written software and provide time consuming workforce training. In addition, available software is expensive and does not adapt to forked processes.

With reasonable costs and easier implementation, Movan ISO software helps businesses digitize all operations. The software has preeminent features, such as flexible design, ISO processes in accordance with practice, and time and cost saving.

movan provides digital transformation solutions
Movan ISO software helps businesses conduct digital transformation

Movan CEO Hoang Yen said the software has been developed in the direction of modelization, making it easier to adjust the steps in each process. Compared to foreign software, Movan ISO has reasonable costs, enabling buyers to digitize entire processes, Yen said.

Movan experienced many difficulties initially when the startup’s two products did not adapt to the market due to discrete data storage, time-consuming problem handling and ineffective connection. Realizing the limitations, the Movan team improved the products by developing the Movan ISO software, which has been well received by the market.

Yen said each firm has different demand for digital transformation. Instead of having to program an algorithm, users only need to adjust the steps to create a new process, Yen added.

Movan ISO is user-friendly and mobile, easing difficulties in information exchange and reporting. In addition, the software supports the operation of smart factories.

In May 2021, Movan was selected as one of five potential startups in the AI Accelerator Challenge 2021 (AAC 2021) program of the VSV Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Embassy of Australia. Movan was praised for its solution to support process digitization and automation, helping resolve the problem of transparency, control product quality and increase productivity.

Movan is continuing to invest in research and development of Movan AI EHS, helping monitor workplaces, receive real-time unsafe act notifications and operationalize compliance procedures.

To promote digital transformation, Movan is giving a 50-percent discount on its products.

Ly Ly