Motul Stunt Fest 2016 Kept the Spectators Spellbound

16:17 | 23/03/2016 Society

The ongoing Motul Stunt Fest 2016 has succeeded in captivating the interests of the spectators while raising their adrenaline rush. In a recent activity held at the ground, the top 3 stunter kept the visitors spellbound with their adventurous motorbike stunts.

Motul Stunt Fest 2016 Kept the Spectators Spellbound

Image Courtesy: Autovn

Though Motul Stunt Fest is organized in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi but the enthusiasm is not restricted to any boundaries and so people not only from these cities but across the country came to witness the performances and stunts displayed by the bikers. Grabbing the nerve of Hanoi this time, the world's top 3 stunt performers – Hyroyuki Ogawa from Japan, Rafal Pasiebek from Poland and Aaron Twite from the U.S. showed their skills in the arena full of people, screaming over every action of these renowned bikers..

Motul Stunt Fest is one step towards bringing the hidden talents and bike lovers in the front row and exhibit their performance..

To encourage people more towards adventure activity, Motul Stunt Fest 2016 has expanded its line of activities which were earlier restricted to motorbike stunts. Now the club has announced to provide professionals to train people who are interested in an obstacle course, mountain climbing, 3D movies and sports car model Gymkhana. According to an authority from Motul Stunt Fest, this activity not only encourages people to participate in adventure biking but also promote Vietnam automobile market./.

Source: Carbay