Mother Goddess religion spotlighted at Nam Dinh exhibition

10:20 | 27/12/2015 Society

An exhibition on the Vietnamese Mother Goddess religion opened on December 25 in the northern province of Nam Dinh with the aim of helping the public gain a better understanding of this folk religion.

Mother Goddess religion spotlighted at Nam Dinh exhibition

Visitors at the exbition (Credit: The thao Van hoa)

Vietnam is seeking UNESCO recognition of this distinctive belief as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, a title which has been given to the worship of Hung Kings, Vietnam’s legendary founders, among other traditions.

The exhibition, jointly held by the Nam Dinh Museum and the Vietnamese Women Museum, consists of three exhibition spaces: Nam Dinh - the centre of the Mother Goddess religion, identity and value of the heritage, and heritage research and honour activities.

According to the Nam Dinh Museum’s Director Nguyen Van Thu, the worship of mother goddesses is a long-standing product of wet rice cultivators’ perception of their surrounding natural environment.

This folk religion, which combines many local music and art forms, is popularly known through “hau dong”, a sacred yet joyful ritual where the gods are incarnated in mediums to give blessings to the followers.

Nam Dinh is considered the largest centre of pilgrimage for followers of the Mother Goddess religion with more than 20 temples and shrines around the Phu Day complex in Kim Thai commune of Vu Ban district./.


Source: NDO