More momentum to develop rural industrial products

11:10 | 17/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) recently issued Circular 26/2014/TT-BCT to replace Circular 35/2010/TT-BCT on voting on typical rural industrial products. The new circular is expected to be a momentum for a strong development of rural industrial products.

Rural industrial products will get support from production stage

According to the Agency for Regional Industry Development (ARID) under MOIT, the goals of voting on typical rural industrial products are to discover and honor high quality products with high use values and high potential for expanding production and markets to meet consumer demand at home and abroad. This activity also aims to promote trade, contributing to boosting the development of rural industries. 

According to the new circular, the participating products for the vote are pided into four groups including: fine art products; processed foodstuff from agri-forestry and fishery products; mechanical equipment, machinery and tools; and a group of other products. The products are voted on at district, provincial, regional and national levels.

The vote on rural industrial products is rated on various criteria, focusing on three main criteria: meeting market demand and developing production; economic, technical, social and environmental requirements; and criteria on culture and aesthetics.

The new circular said the funds to organize such votes at district and provincial levels will be from the local industry promotion funding, combined with other legal sources, for example from sponsors. Meanwhile, the funds to organize votes at national and regional levels will be mainly from the national industry promotion funding combined with sponsors’ aids and other sources.

Notably, compared with the old circular, Circular 26/2014/TT-BCT has changed and expanded the supporting scope and methods. The production facilities which have certified products will get awards in cash from the industry promotion funds and other sources. They will get consultancy and access support policies from the state to develop their typical industrial products. These products will also be given priority to get support from the national and local industry promotion funds for further development.

Along with these benefits, the production facilities are responsible for developing their recognized products to the committed quality; coordinating with relevant agencies to get assistance from industry promotion programs and other sources to develop their products. Every year, they will have to make reports to the departments of industry and trade and people's committee at district levels about the results from industry promotion programs, state policies and their production and business activities.

According to the ARID, Circular 26/2014/TT-BCT has received positive support from localities as it resolved unsuitable regulations with actual conditions regulated in the former legal document. The new circular is expected to attract more enterprises to participate and create more momentum for rural industrial products./.

By Hai Linh