Monsanto subsidiary unveils new GM corn

10:34 | 08/11/2015 Society

Dekalb Vietnam, a subsidiary of Monsanto, has launched a new genetically modified corn with insect protection and weed management traits called Dekalb® Genuity®.

Monsanto subsidiary unveils new GM corn

Farmer Huynh Van Hue of An Giang Province in his corn field — VNS Photo

Corn is a major crop in Viet Nam and a key source of income for a million farmers. Insects and weeds are a major cause of crop damage, low quality and yield loss in corn.

With demand for the cereal increasing each year, and with the country importing around US$1 billion worth of it each year, there is a need to support local farmers with meeting demand locally, and the availability of the new trait would help address this, the company said in a release.

Narasimham Upadyayula, CEO of Dekalb Vietnam, said, "Reflecting our understanding of the key challenges faced by farmers, Dekalb Vietnam has today introduced our Genuity trait technology to local farmers with the aim to enhance their crop potential.

"This agricultural innovation allows us to offer farmers better protection against weeds and insects."

More than 16,000 farmers were trained in the use of the new corn variety prior to its commercialisation./.

Source: VNS