Mobile World exclusively brings copyrighted Justice League and Transformer collections on sale in Vietnam

10:55 | 01/10/2019 Companies

(VEN) - The biggest Vietnamese retailer - Mobile World (Hose: MWG) - has become an exclusive distributor of genuine superhero watches in Vietnam, according to a recent exclusive deal with Richburry Ltd., a copyrighted manufacturer of superhero watches. 

The exclusive deal marked Vietnam in the global map of genuine superhero watches

This prominent deal also marked Vietnam one of the Asian countries having genuine limited edition superhero watches, beside China, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

n the first batch, there will be 3 collections of watches including those two of which are simulated from characters of Transformers series like Optimus, Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, …, and of Justice League series like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman,... and a Nurburg collection, the elegant watches with design inspired by sport cars. Those all are under Larmes and Daumier brands, of which the French brand Daumier is a collaboration of European design and advanced Miyota automatic movement technology from Japan. All products are limited edition in all markets.

The first batch is available in Mobile World’s shops since early November, which allows Vietnamese fans of the action fiction series to immediately own themselves limited superhero watches, without spending a lot of time and money to hunt ones from other markets.

Before the signing ceremony, representatives of Richburry Ltd. Co paid a visit to the Mobile World head-quarter and some MWG watches shops.

Dr. Stanley, CEO of Richburry Ltd., highly appreciated MWG’s distinctive and customer-centric way of retailing watches, and was deeply impressed by a volume of 50,000 watches sold in solely September.

Limited edition of Superman watches with 333 units globally

Despite being a new comer in the watch industry from March, MWG has a serious strategy on the new business. The company reaches a volume of 50,000 watches in September, and enjoys 15% market-share now. Thanks to 2,000 shops nationwide, MWG can quickly transform their layout to make room for watches with hardly any expense. By the end of 2019, the company plans to have 200 shops selling watches and the number is expected to be 500 by June of 2020. MWG’s ambition is to win 50% market-share and it is looking for cooperation with potential watch manufacturers to achieve a ‘huge’ volume of 3 million watches sold in 2020.