MM Mega Market Vietnam officially kicked off “Taste of France”

09:01 | 13/07/2022 Companies

The “Taste of France” program was officially kicked off at MM Mega Market An Phu, on July 11.

mm mega market vietnam officially kicked off taste of france

“Taste of France” has taken place in all MM nationwide centers from July 7-20. Its main focus is to showcase more than 250 signature products from famous French brands such as Casino product range, Bottega cheese, St Michel butter cookies, Le Chef pate, Markal organic grains, Panzani pastas, French wines and other French signature baguettes, croissants, and biscuits.

France is well-known for its unique and delicate cuisine culture, which is a combination of history, culture, traditions, as well as special cooking techniques. In 2010, UNESCO featured French gastronomy meal on the list of the world’s intangible cultural treasures. This has been achieved by the most prominent French chefs and Michelin-rated restaurants around the world. In the recognition of such an outstanding food culture, France is chosen as an upcoming indispensable destination for the “Taste of Country” journey at MM Mega Market.

Through Taste of France, MM customers could not only get lost in paradise of signature French food and specialties, but have chance to buy French products with competitive price and increase accumulation points up to five times on MM Card app.

mm mega market vietnam officially kicked off taste of france

Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam, said: “France is currently the second largest European investment partner in Vietnam with a total registered capital of more than 3.6 billion USD. Moreover, France is one of the countries with a unique culinary in the world, French food is well-known for its top quality. As one of the leading food retailers in Vietnam, MM commits to continuously offer to its valued customers diversified products from various countries across the globe. MM expects that this event will be deeply rooted in strategic partnerships between MM Mega Market Vietnam and top French suppliers; therefore, MM will make a strong contribution to total trade revenue between the two countries”.