MM Mega Market Vietnam brings a fascinating Australian food experience to customers

06:00 | 19/03/2022 Companies

(VEN) - MM Mega Market An Phu successfully held the opening ceremony of “Australian Food Fair” on March 18th in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a kick-off event for the upcoming awesome shopping weeks when customers can explore plenty of imported food as well as signature Australian cuisines with many attractive promotions.

mm mega market vietnam brings a fascinating australian food experience to customers

The Australian Food Fair which is organized from March 16th to 30th marks as the first event for “Taste of Country” – one of MM’s major events in 2022. “Taste of country” aims to promote the cultural and cuisine exchanges between Vietnam and other countries through their own specialties and food which will be directly imported from these countries.

Coming to this event, customers are not only able to enjoy a great shopping time with thousands of imported foods from Australia such as beef, sheep, cheese, wine, grapes, fresh abalone and lobster at attractive prices but also discover variety of authentic tastes of Australian dishes through a cooking demonstration which are well-prepared by professional MM’s chefs at weekends.

mm mega market vietnam brings a fascinating australian food experience to customers

Ms. Sarah Hooper, Australian Consul General, said: “It’s great to see such a good range of Australian food and beverage products across all categories in this Australian Food Fair campaign. In 2021 Australia's exports of food and beverage remained at A$51.4 billion, and Vietnam was the 6th biggest export market (4.9% of share) of Australia. This 2-week long Australian Food Fair hosted by MM Mega Market Vietnam will definitely be a well-received showcase of Australia’s world-renowned, premium quality and delicious food and beverage products and create opportunities for Australian businesses in Vietnam. We value the partnership with MM Mega Market Vietnam which has gone from strength to strength over the years, to source high-quality food and beverage products from Australia”.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director, MM Mega Market, said: “Vietnam and Australia are both global players in the agribusiness sector. Australia is a world leader in supplying meat, grains, dairy, as well as processed food and beverage. That’s the reason why we choose Australia as the first country to kick-off our series of event “Taste of country”. I believe “Taste of country” will be not simply a cultural exchange. Beyond that, it states a vision of fostering comprehensive cooperation between MM and global suppliers in order to diversify customers’ choices when shopping at MM. I expect this series of events will be a good initiative to help us to quickly recover after Covid-19 and head for a strong development in the future. Moreover, Australia Food Fair also aims to serve as an occasion for Australian living in Vietnam to enjoy the specialties and atmosphere as if they were living in their home country”.