MM Mega Market Vietnam announces multi-site solar roof project

10:12 | 19/03/2021 Companies

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) recently announced its “Implementation and upcoming completion of the multi solar roof project - Phase 1”. The project is one of MM’s strategies to maintain its position towards the "Green Retailer", while at the same time bringing up the inspiring mission which encourages businesses and consumers to pay more attention to use clean and renewable energy, especially focusing on sustainable development in the wholesale/retail industry.  

mm mega market vietnam announces multi site solar roof project
The multi-site solar roof project will enable MM to reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 90,532 tonnes in 15 years

GreenYellow Vietnam Company is qualified as the strategic partner in this project for 12 MM centers nationwide as a result of their expertise in consulting and implementation satisfied the most requirements of MM.

Accordingly, the project was signed in January, the sites have been handed over and the construction has started since then, expected to be completed in May 2021 for phase 1. After completion of phase 1 which is encompassing at 12 centers, the installed capacity will be 5,101 kWp, which will generate up to 6,845 MWh per year (supplying up to 30 percent of the stores total electricity needs), and is expected to reach 9,416 kWp after the completion of phase 2. This multi-site solar roof project will enable MM to reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 90,532 tonnes in 15 years. 12 centers will be installed with the solar roof system in phase 1 including: Binh Phu; Hoang Mai; Hong Bang; Danang; Bien Hoa; Binh Duong; Long Xuyen; Quy Nhon; Ha Long; Nha Trang; Buon Ma Thuot; Rach Gia.

The project is one of the action plans from MM aims to respond the call of the Vietnamese government of using clean and renewable energy, especially for businesses in the commercial – industrial sectors. Therefore, MM has started searching for qualified contractors for consulting and implementation for more than one year, the bidding results recognized that GreenYellow Vietnam Company was selected as a strategic partner of MM in consulting and implementation by the evaluated criteria following: Financial capacity; Practical experiences; Standardized quality of materials; Efficient implementation strategy.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin, CEO of MM Mega Market Vietnam, shared, “MM is one of the leading companies in utilization of diverse green energy management solutions. For many years, MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) is constantly searching for cost-optimization solutions and innovative technologies aims to maintain its sustainable development. The multi-site solar rooftop project continues to be our strong evidence which is demonstrating a long-term investment strategy and paying attention to the people, community and environment. Our vision and long run strategy are to become one of the leading Green Retailers in and even beyond Vietnam. Accordingly, this year 2021, we have plan to go further with efficient energy saving applied to all stores. We are on progress to look for potential partners joining us to enable our existing stores to be greener and to build new green ones in the years to come.”

Mr. Sébastien Prioux, Country Director of GreenYellow Vietnam, said, “GreenYellow is delighted and proud to have been chosen by MM Mega Market Vietnam for this first phase of solar roof projects across 12 stores. As an energy management company, I believe GreenYellow will be able to support MM in further reducing its carbon footprint with additional services we are able to offer, such as Energy Efficiency. This project is the first step of a long-term collaboration between our two companies.”