MM Mega Market develops a green distribution system

13:00 | 01/12/2020 Environment

(VEN) - MM Mega Market, a retail company with 20 branches nationwide, is implementing a wide array of measures in order to green its distribution system. It no longer provides shoppers with disposable plastic bags that are hard to decompose, does not use plastic bottled water in its facilities and installs energy-saving lighting.

mm mega market develops a green distribution system
Vegetables, tubers and fruits are no longer pre-packed in plastic bags

Customers needing carrier bags have to purchase environmentally friendly bags made of carton or other easily disposable material, said Tran Kim Nga, the company’s Director of External Relations. For fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits that are not pre-packed, Mega Market Vietnam provides customers with biodegradable plastic bags.

Nga said that while these changes have made some customers unhappy, the elimination of non-disposable plastic bags reflects its commitment to the environment and the community.

At the offices of MM Mega Market Vietnam, management and staff do not use plastic bottled water, drinking water out of paper or glass cups. Internal communication encourages employees to save electricity, water and stationery.

In addition to raising public awareness of the importance of reducing plastic bags discharged into the environment, the company also implements campaigns to encourage waste separation at source to reduce the amount of waste discharged into the environment and to avoid soil and underground water contamination.

The company has also successfully deployed and applied a roof light amplification system with light pipes and energy-saving LED lighting. Initial results show the company has saved more than VND5 billion in electricity bills, and reduced nearly 880 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the environment each year. Recognized for these efforts, the company won the Southeast Asia Effective Energy Management in Small and Medium Buildings award in 2014 and the title Green Energy Hanoi in 2019.

Implementing the national action program on sustainable production and consumption in the 2021-2030 period, MM

Mega Market Vietnam has been implementing solutions for clean and efficient energy management at its 20 retail

centers and supermarkets nationwide.

Thu Huong