Mitani Sangyo holds 2nd Aureole Conference in HCMC

14:54 | 20/09/2016 Companies

(VEN) - The 2nd Aureole Conference was recently co-organized by Mitani Sangyo Co. Ltd. and Aureole Expert Integrators Inc. in HCMC.

Mitani Sangyo holds 2nd Aureole Conference in HCMC

The conference focuses on three main topics: “Education and Training”, “Reteaming-Management mechanism and Management psychology” and “Internship program”. These currently are the topics of concern among state management agencies, schools and businesses for efficient development of high-quality human resources, meeting the needs of integration and growth in Vietnam. Besides, the event is an opportunity for exchange and learning, improvement in the efficiency of Internship programs as well as in career awareness among Vietnamese students.

In the framework of the conference, the leading experts gave attendees their carefully prepared speeches and presentations, with the latest practical knowledge integrated. Specifically, Mr. Hanada Mitsuyo, honorary lecturer at Keio University in Japan and board member of Mitani Sangyo, delivered a speech themed “The strength of organization and teamwork of Japanese companies”. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang Viet, director of Vietnam-Japan Institute of Technology, brought to the event his presentation about “Internship program at HUTECH/VJIT - Problems and solutions”. Ms. Kawanishi Yumiko, head of EAP Research Institute, gave her words on the topic of “Human resource training for industrial competitiveness enhancement - The practice of reteaming at AXIS, ACSD”.

The experts with their speeches presented at the conference are all those with working knowledge from their jobs, who are now carrying out in-depth studies on the aspects of human resource management and development, etc. Thus, the event participants may learn from such experience and apply it at their workplace.

Following the speeches of the experts, guests attending the conference entered into discussions with an aim of finding an answer to their unsettled issues under the coordination of Mr. Hanada Mitsuyo, honorary lecturer at Keio University in Japan cum board member of Mitani Sangyo. Those who joined the discussions include: Dr.Nguyen Xuan Hoang Viet, director of Vietnam-Japan Institute of Technology; Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien, director of Vietnam-Japan Human Resource Cooperation Center (VJCC); Mr.Nakano Youichi, lecturer from the department of Materials Engineering at the Ube College, an expert in charge of JICA’s project of the HCMC University of Industry; Ms. Kawanishi Yumiko, head of EAP Research Institute.

In 2015, with the theme “Development of high-quality human resources”, Mitani Sangyo successfully held the first conference in Hanoi with over 200 attendees who are representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, from relevant agencies and some 50 enterprises of Vietnam and Japan.

The 2nd Aureole Conference is a chance for exchanges between government agencies, colleges, and businesses from both Vietnam and Japan. In addition, the event is expected to become a bridge for the relationship between Vietnam and Japan to grow stronger.

Mitani Sangyo Co. Ltd. is a reputable corporation in Japan, with investment in Vietnam since 1994. Thus far, Mitani Sangyo has been growing healthily in Vietnam with more than 1,700 employees working in eight subsidiaries throughout the country and two representative offices located in HCMC and Hanoi.


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