Ministry seeks to speed up industrial cluster development

10:00 | 27/03/2021 Industry

(VEN) - According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), the management and development of industrial clusters (ICs) has been unanimous from planning, establishment, expansion to investment in infrastructure construction.

ministry seeks to speed up industrial cluster development
Synchronous and modern industrial clusters are taking shape

Vietnam now has 905 ICs covering 30,747ha and 895 others on 30,768ha have been approved for detailed planning. Almost 700 ICs on an area of 21,686 ha have become operational, attracting about 12,000 investment projects with an average occupancy rate of 65 percent, creating jobs for nearly 600,000 workers. Some 123 ICs have wastewater treatment systems in operation.

The legal documents on mechanisms and policies for IC management have been completed. These include Government Decree 68/2017/ND-CP on management and development of ICs and legal documents on planning, investment, construction, land and the environment. Based on these policies, localities have mapped out planning, construction, expansion and investment in IC infrastructure.

In general, localities have carried out IC management and development in a coordinated fashion. The MoIT has regularly responded to requests and guided localities on management coordination, preferential policies, support and selection of investors and other issues.

However, the progress of investment in IC infrastructure construction in recent years has been too slow due to difficulties in accessing capital and complex procedures on compensation and site clearance, as well as confusion over regulations on selecting investors. In some localities, the construction of ICs did not comply with certain regulations or clashed with others. For example, ICs are established and expanded according to Decree 68, but IC infrastructure construction is regulated by procedures on investment. Many localities have not fully recognized the local departments of industry and trade as the lead agencies to which proposals must be submitted for evaluation before being passed on to the provincial people’s committees to decide on investment in ICs and other related administrative procedures.

In 2021, the MoIT will complete reports on investment proposals and management documents on IC infrastructure programs for the 2021-2025 period and submit them to relevant authorities. In addition, it will strengthen the management of national industrial promotion projects to support ICs and guide, synthesize, evaluate and develop national industrial promotion plans in 2022. At the same time, the ministry will also organize activities for IC development, such as training courses to disseminate mechanisms, policies and laws on investment and industrial structure development.

The MoIT will continue to increase the budget allocation for IC development activities, especially promotion activities to attract potential businesses and investors.

Ngan Thuong