Mining Safety Center makes high efforts

10:53 | 09/09/2015 Society

(VEN) - The mining sector is always prone to accidents, particularly fires and collapsed tunnels. Therefore, the application of measures to reduce accidents in order to ensure safety for miners is a key task for the Mining Safety Center under the Vinacomin Institute of Mining Science and Technology.

Mining Safety Center makes high efforts

According to the Mining Safety Center’s report, the center actively implemented many topics in a series of fields to complete assigned tasks in early months of this year. In terms of research, the center has deployed projects such as assessing self-combustion of coal and proposing technical solutions to prevent self-combustion in Vietnamese underground coal mines, assessing the recoverability and using methane gas from underground coal mines in Quang Ninh Province and building inspection station for fans and ventilators.

Regarding technical services, the center has implemented some projects such as determining the level of containing and delivering gas with more than 4,000 samples of coal, testing explosive prevention equipment, inspecting and granting certification for 8,837 equipment including 6,209 explosive prevention devices, 990 gas measuring devices and gauges, 242 conveyors and power cables and 1,396 fire-extinguishers.

The center has deployed the installation of two gas monitoring systems for the Company 45’s mines and the Hong Thai Mine. These systems have used domestically manufactured equipment such as KSP-2C control cabinet, methane and carbon monoxide gas gauge and whistles. In addition, the center has completed designs of construction drawings for two investment projects on applying technology for gas delivering at the Quang Hanh and Mao Khe coal companies and finalized the feasibility study for the methane gas delivering project at the Ha Lam Coal Company. Moreover, the center has implemented survey contracts for venting audit in the Vang Danh Mine and is preparing for the implementation in the Nam Mau and Mong Duong mines. Contracts for equipment maintenance and repair of gas monitoring systems and training courses for firing prevention have been implemented.

The remote monitoring station located at the office of the Mining Safety Center has been connected and used to monitor 32 gas monitoring systems via the Internet. In addition, the center has maintained the quality management system following the IEC 17025-2005 in order to ensure laboratory operations in accordance with national laboratory standards with Vilas-170 code. The center’s laboratory was recognized in 2014 by the Bureau of Accreditation and the center is organizing internal assessment and preparing for periodic monitoring assessment of the Bureau of Accreditation.

According to Vinacomin-Institute of Mining Science and Technology Director Tran Tu Ba, to accomplish the objective of ensuring safety for miners, the center should implement some key solutions such as modernizing and upgrading gas monitoring systems, closely coordinating with partners to put new equipment into operation, using domestically manufactured devices, organizing training courses to improve skills for staff and building professional working style with customers.


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