Minh Duc Ward fulfills promise

13:00 | 28/09/2022 Society

(VEN) - On March 13, 2019, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly issued a resolution turning My Hao District in the province of Hung Yen into a town and the 5.64sq.km Minh Duc Commune with 11,528 residents into a ward. 

Today, Minh Duc Ward is an administrative unit of Hung Yen Province’s My Hao Town. In the first six months of 2022, the ward’s economy was stable while economic restructuring showed positive results. Total production value reached VND355.9 billion, equivalent to 51 percent of the annual plan.

minh duc ward fulfills promise

Specifically, the agricultural production value reached an estimated VND10.6 billion, equivalent to 51.19 percent of the annual plan; industrial and craft production value: VND211.6 billion (50.37 percent of the annual plan); trade and services: VND133.7 billion (51.99 percent of the annual plan). Agriculture contributes 2.97 percent to the ward’s gross domestic product, while the industrial sector and craft production contribute 59.45 percent, with the rest 37.58 percent coming from trade and services. The ward achieved or exceeded all economic development targets set for the first half of the year.

Along with promoting economic development, Minh Duc Ward has paid great attention to maintaining urban security and transport safety, as well as to improving people’s cultural life, education and healthcare. Education and training facilities have been upgraded. The number of excellent students has increased.

Sports, cultural and communications activities have shown positive changes. Social policies have been well implemented, benefitting people who contributed significantly to Vietnam’s revolutions, including war invalids and families of martyrs. Hunger eradication and poverty alleviation activities have yielded good results, helping maintain the ward’s social security.

The Communist Party Committee, the local government and residents of Minh Duc Ward will continue bringing into play their solidarity and mobilize resources to successfully implement the tasks assigned to the ward.

Bui Danh Can, Chair of Minh Duc Ward People’s Committee