Microsoft Vietnam in the second consecutive award recognition for community dedication

12:39 | 01/12/2016 Companies

(VEN) - November 30, Microsoft Vietnam continues to be honored for its community dedication by AmCham CSR Recognition 2016 at annual meeting event AmCham.

This is 2nd consecutive year that Microsoft receives prestigious award of AmCham, which recognizes for Microsoft’s commitment to transparency, good governance, sustainable business practices and serving community that provides a model inspiring others to follow in Vietnam, especially in empowering Vietnamese people and organizations to achieve more create more and achieve more.

microsoft vietnam in the second consecutive award recognition for community dedication

Entering the market since 1996, after nearly 20 years in operation, Microsoft Vietnam not only affirms its position in promoting and developing the ICT sector but also contributes to Vietnam's economic and social developments through a variety of programs, such as solid infrastructure construction, education projects, entrepreneurship supports, skill trainings and enhancing the quality of human resources.

To date, Microsoft Vietnam has invested 80 million US dollars in Vietnam, donated softwares, provided free services, and granted more than 13 million US dollars for roughly 200 non-profit organizations across the country. Microsoft also actively contributes to enhance ICT applications for non-profit organizations aiming at increasing work efficiency and contributing to better support the community.

One of the special investment programs of Microsoft in Vietnam is Youthspark initiative. This is Microsoft's efforts over 3 years (2015-2018) to support Vietnam youth access CS and ICT, through free classes, internship programs and connections forums. Up to present, Microsoft’s Youthspark created opportunities for more than 100 thousand Vietnamese youth to learn ICT and CS knowledge, develop appropriate soft skills for learning and working in modern society. Thus, improving the capacity of young people, increasing their chances to success in looking for job and entrepreneurship. It is expected that in the next 2 years, through the cooperation with relevant Ministries, other Sectors of the Government, and other partners such as Vietnet-ICT, VCCI, Kenan, CED, REACH and other NGOs, Youthspark program will be expanded and increase the accessibility of young people across the country.

Speaking at the event, Vu Minh Tri - General Director of Microsoft Vietnam said: “Microsoft’s long-term commitment to Vietnam is empowering Vietnamese people and organizations to achieve more, especially disadvantaged areas in remote ones. CSR Recognition Award of the 2nd consecutive years has confirmed Microsoft’s efforts in community activities in Vietnam. This is certainly a motivation for Microsoft to continue its mission – to strongly contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam”.

Besides, Microsoft has also supported start-ups and small and medium enterprises. Microsoft Bizspark successfully supported 194 start-ups. Together with VCCI, Microsoft assisted more than 2,000 small and medium enterprises. In cooperation with Ministry of Education and Training, Microsoft’s Education program reached approximately 63,000 teachers nationwide. Microsoft employees also are encouraged to spend time for community activities. Particularly in 2016, Microsoft employees volunteered, spent time and material support for over 1,600 orphans and disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

Nam Phuong