Michelin to contribute to traffic safety promotion for the 6th straight year

17:56 | 29/09/2015 Society

2015 marked the 6th straight year that Michelin Vietnam cooperate with the National Traffic Safety Committee for the implementation of the program “Safe journey with Michelin”, which is also in the activity framework of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

Michelin to contribute to traffic safety promotion for the 6th straight year

This is the first time Michelin Vietnam cooperate with primary schools in Hanoi

The 2015 course of the Michelin program continues to target traffic participants. In addition to being held in 19 Michelin centers across the country, the company will also cooperate with 4 primary schools in Hanoi for the first time this year.

The program not only propagates traffic safety importance and traffic awareness for drivers in major city but also aims to educate children to guide them to become a proper traffic participants in the future.

At Michelin’s 19 centers across the country, the “participants” – vehicles under 7 seats, will have their tires inspected and maintained free of charge. A free gift include tire pressure gauge and tire tread will also be given out for customers changing tire for their vehicle there.

The program will take place from September 21st to October 4th in 2015 and expects around 6.000 turns of visit for maintenance and inspection. Michelin’s activities are still aiming towards cars for the current time being and the company plans to expand its work for motorcycles in the future.


Source: Autonet

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