mGreen – Technology startup sorting waste at source

10:00 | 04/03/2022 Environment

(VEN) - Vietnam is one of the world's top five ocean polluters, with about 1.8 million tonnes of plastic waste dumped into the sea annually. Two major cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, discharge about 8,000 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes of garbage daily, putting pressure on waste treatment facilities.

A mobile application, mGreen, helps develop people’s habit of sorting waste to ease its collection for treatment and recycling. The app was developed by Media One, using the Mobile Coalition Loyalty technology. Households participating in the mGreen projects will be provided with loyalty cards and dustbins.

mgreen technology startup sorting waste at source

Plastic waste and nylon bags currently account for 8-12 percent of domestic solid waste. Sorting waste at the source helps minimize pollution and enhance public awareness of environmental protection.

Having the mGreen application on their smartphones, each household will be provided with instructions on sorting waste by themselves and set time for collection of recyclable waste. These activities will entitle app users to bonus points which they can use to pay for shopping or converted to essential items or valuable gifts.

The app instructs people on identifying recyclable waste and putting it into specific bins. Once the bins are full, users can press a button to inform the waste collector. The bonus points will be offered based on the amount of recyclable waste identified by the waste collector.

Tran Thi Thoa, co-founder of mGreen, said, the application is designed to promote the collection of recyclable waste at the source. “The bonus points can be converted to gifts through ePoint when people go shopping or use catering and entertainment services. This encourages people to sort waste at source,” Thoa said.

mgreen technology startup sorting waste at source
Tran Thi Thoa – Director of the mGreen Social Services Joint Stock Company

mGreen uses smartphone technology to make it easy to sort waste, archive the history of waste sorting and send notifications to application users. Recyclable waste collectors earn revenue from selling it and enjoy other social welfare through using the mGeen Collector mobile application.

In the three years since it was launched, mGreen has attracted 10,000 users and been associated with 300 places where users can convert bonus points to gifts. The mGreen Collector app has attracted 10 users. With 100 environmental ambassadors, mGreen has helped the sorting and collection of 50 tonnes of recyclable waste.

mGreen targets 10 million Vietnamese app users, generating jobs for 10,000 recyclable waste collectors using the mGreen Collector app, and 5,000 merchants running sustainable green business on the mGreen app. mGreen will also transfer the smart city waste management technology to cities and provinces across Vietnam, develop circular economy projects and expand operations to foreign countries.

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