Mercedes C300 Coupe – The hidden star of SUVenture

16:18 | 01/08/2016 Society

Arrived at SUVenture as quietly as its first arrival to HCM city, the seductive coupe C300 resides in a separate space inside the National Convention Center in the framework of Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2016 – SUVenture.

Mercedes C300 Coupe – The hidden star of SUVenture

However, its attractiveness and popularity is actually no less than its SUV brothers.

The Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2016 is held as a playground for SUV, so the appearance of the sporty coupe here seems lost and isolated. However, visitors have another idea as many are attracted by the elegant, luxurious yet sporty 2-seater coupe despite the vehicle never being mentioned by the organizers at all.

C-Class Coupe features typical Sensual Purity design language with long hood and strong, elegant, loosen to the back shoulder line. The C300 Coupe brought to Hanoi features frameless door, diamond-shaped grille, 15mm-lower suspension system (compared to the sedan version) and special AMG multi-spoke wheels.


C300 separates itself from the rugged SUV with its typical Sensual Purity design language which emits a luxurious and elegant aura yet equally dynamic and sporty. Its performance is also no joke with max power and torque at 245 hp and 370 Nm at 1.300 rpm. The coupe can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds thanks to its 2.0L I-4 engine. C 300 Coupe is priced at 2.699 billion VND.

The arrival of C 300 Coupe meets the expectations of many customers as Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles are now much more youthful and beautiful. However, compared to rivals’ price such as BMW 428i or Audi A5 (~ 2 billion VND), C 300 Coupe’s price (2,7 billion VND) is considerably higher. With (arguably) better equipments and technologies, this can be a good deal but to compete with others with such price, it would not be a simple task./.


Source: Autonet