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MedOn app may be able to help

10:00 | 25/12/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - To meet constantly changing market demand and customer tastes and provide accessible medical services, Medlatec Group officially launched its MedOn digital platform, a user-friendly medical application.

medon app may be able to help
MedOn CEO Le Duc Nguyen

Smart medical app

The rate of people suffering from chronic and incurable diseases in Vietnam is relatively high. However, each Vietnamese only visits a doctor 1.5 times a year compared with 5-6 times in developed countries, and even 17 times annually in the Republic of Korea (RoK).

MedOn creates a protocol to connect users in need of care and health consultation with a team of doctors and medical professionals. MedOn includes an application for users (patients), MedOn Doctor Application (for doctors and partners), and the e-commerce website medon.vn.

CEO Le Duc Nguyen said digital medical services help doctors serve more patients while reducing waiting times for doctors’ visits and test results, and more cost-effective examination, boarding, and travel fees. MedOn has conducted about 50,000 questions and answers with patients, and more than 1,000 health consultation via video call. The app also helps management of health records and medical examination history, helping users look up future risks.

MedOn's statistics show users’ growing demand for technology applications for remote examination and consultation, and proactive disease prevention. According to Nguyen, besides remote medical examination and treatment, one of the important roles of digital health startups is to establish a habit of care and disease prevention.

Aspirations and ideals

“Startup is a journey that includes crashing, stumbling to learn lessons and improve, also known as a journey of trial and error and we are no exception,” Nguyen said. The first challenge was to translate ideas into practical products, to identify customer needs, and to develop technology solutions in a methodical and long-term manner for upgrading, expanding, and integrating existing solutions. Another challenge was to grow technologically skilled human resources with the same ideal and determination to develop together with the product.

medon app may be able to help

MedOn has been fortunate to have the sponsorship of the head of Medlatec Group, a leading corporation in the field of medical services in Vietnam, who not only sponsors MedOn financially but also inspires and leads the MedOn in the right direction based on practical experience in the medical business.

Thanks to the coverage of Medlatec's medical services, MedOn's solutions are available in nearly 50 provinces in Vietnam. In addition, MedOn is a partner of the FPT Long Chau pharmacy system, further enhancing its usefulness.

MedOn will continue to research and make the application a strongly developed e-commerce channel, connecting hundreds of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies nationwide, providing thousands of medical products and services throughout Vietnam.

In 2020, MedOn became one of the 10 best technology projects recognized at TechFest 2020.

(This article is published in accordance with Project 844, the national project for startup promotion to 2025 set out in Prime Ministerial Decision 844/QD-TTg on developing Vietnam’s start-up market).

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