Me Tri green rice flakes

16:28 | 16/10/2016 Society

(VEN) - Me Tri Commune, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi is well-known for its tradition of producing green rice flakes.

Me Tri green rice flakes

The fragrance of green rice flakes spreads out the air during these days in the commune. Me Tri Ward Party Committee Secretary Do Thi Soan, who started to make green rice flakes since she was seven years old, said green rice flakes from the hundred-year-old Me Tri Village is one of the best specialties of Hanoi. Almost all households in Me Tri Thuong, Me Tri Ha and Phu Do villages previously made green rice flakes by hand. From the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month to the end of the ninth lunar month, local people are busy to select sticky rice to make green rice flakes. Green rice flakes are made from different types of rice, but the most delicious one is yellow flower sticky rice, which is the traditional and popular glutinous rice in the lowland and midland provinces of Tonkin, Vietnam.

Do Huy Hung from Me Tri Ward said that there was no longer rice area in the commune due to the urbanization. Local people must go to Soc Son, Me Linh, Bac Ninh and Vinh Phuc to select rice varieties for making green rice flakes. The process of making green rice flakes is not easy as they must do from 2am to 5pm. Today, green rice flakes are made by machinery, contributing to increasing productivity and ensuring food safety as well as hygiene. However, to have a delicious batch of green rice flakes, makers must be skillful and subtle. 

The process of making green rice flakes begins by harvesting or purchasing young rice varieties in the early morning. After that, makers pluck rice off the ears and take grains. These grains are roasted in pans and cooled down in large and flat baskets.

Based on the experience of local people, rice grains are roasted in small fire and constantly stirred for steady heat. Makers then put roasted grains in a mortar. Depending on the level of young rice varieties, makers estimate the number of pounding. A complete batch of green rice flakes experiences about seven times of pounding.


Do Thi Soan said that green rice flakes are also used in different recipes to create new flavors such as sweetened porridge and steamed glutinous rice.

To advertise local specialty, Nam Tu Liem People’s Committee organized the festival on October 2. In addition to traditional games, cultural programs and art gallery, visitors also witnessed the process of making green rice flakes.


Phuong Tam