Masan High-Tech Materials pursues sustainable development

14:00 | 22/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - As one of Vietnam’s largest integrated industrial mineral and chemical producers, Masan High-Tech Materials considers environmental protection as the key to sustainable development of its Nui Phao polymetallic mine in Thai Nguyen Province and its other facilities.

Advanced equipment, management

Production at the Nui Phao mine in the northeastern province fully complies with laws and regulations on environmental impact assessments, environmental protection certification, and wastewater discharge.

masan high tech materials pursues sustainable development
Wastewater and air surveillance

The company attaches much importance to pollution control, investing in advanced equipment and facilities. All wastewater is treated according to standards before being discharged into the environment. Domestic wastes of different kinds, ordinary waste and hazardous waste are collected, sorted at source and transferred to a qualified contractor for treatment.

The company has built a modern wastewater treatment station with a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters per hour using biological and physio-chemical technology, in addition to hazardous waste storage, two mining waste holding yards, and reservoirs to store oxide and sulfide ore tailings.

Planting trees, rehabilitating soil

Masan High-Tech Materials is a global leader in providing advanced tungsten materials used in key industry sectors such as electronics, chemical, automotive, aviation and aerospace, with production facilities in Vietnam, Germany, Canada and China and a producer of fluorspar and bismuth.

masan high tech materials pursues sustainable development
Planting trees to improve the efficiency of environmental rehabilitation and restoration

At its Nui Phao mine, Masan High-Tech Materials carries out environmental rehabilitation and restoration in areas where land work had been stabilized; periodically monitors areas improved and restored in previous years in order to minimize erosion and improve soil and ecosystems. Specifically, the company accomplished environmental reclamation and restoration of about 2.4 hectares of land at the soil and rock waste yard and other areas affected by mining and production activities. Plants and materials of different varieties and kinds have been used to increase the efficiency of environmental rehabilitation and restoration.

Last year, the company planted about 4,000 Acacia hybrids, sowed 160kg of grass seeds and used 7,080kg of fertilizers for plant cultivation and nurturing trees planted in 2018, 2019 and 2020. About 61.61ha of land was improved and restored as of the end of 2021. In addition, the company experimentally planted native hardwood trees to serve the future environmental rehabilitation and restoration programs.

Regarding environmental compliance and transparency, in 2021 the company collected 8,148 environmental samples, including 266 surface water samples, 755 underground water samples, 6,704 wastewater samples, 282 solid waste samples, 48 soil samples, 41 exhaust gas samples, 14 air samples and 38 noise measurements. Automated monitoring stations for wastewater, air and vibrations are operated continuously to ensure timely provision of data at all times for environmental quality control and assessment. Meanwhile, promotion of carbon neutrality – an inevitable trend of sustainable development, development of a solar power farm at the Nui Phao mine, and investment in afforestation to sell forest carbon credits are also being pursued.

Pursuing the guideline “Environmental protection is key to sustainable development”, Masan High-Tech Materials has been honored as a Vietnamese Enterprise of Sustainable Development for four consecutive years.

Bui Huyen