Manulife Vietnam grows to serve more than 1 million customers

10:11 | 15/06/2020 Companies

(VEN) - Manulife Vietnam paid customers nearly VND 3 trillion in benefits as profits reached over VND 1 trillion according to the company’s 2019 Financial Statement. Manulife Vietnam now serves over 1 million customers with more than 1.2 million policies in force.

Recently marking its 21st year of operation in the country, Manulife Vietnam is continuing to build on its Bold Ambition of becoming the most digital, customer-centric market leader in the industry. The long-term strategy to transform the business and ultimately improve the overall customer experience was shared at a press event last year.

According to the 2019 Financial Statement, Manulife Vietnam achieved profits before tax reaching VND 1,260 billion. The company also recorded a total revenue of VND 17,526 billion, of which net premium revenue reached VND 14,771 billion, up 34% and 36% respectively compared to 2018. Manulife Vietnam also paid benefits to customers totalling VND 2,807 billion.

Manulife Vietnam is one of the largest life insurers in Vietnam in terms of charter capital, currently holding VND 13,095 billion.

“Manulife Vietnam delivered solid business results by building on the core strengths of our digital and customer initiatives which in turn also marked a record-breaking year for the business. These numbers reflect the hard work, commitment and focus that we have placed on transforming the business, and our industry, by delivering innovative new services, solutions and experiences for our customers, ” said Kim Fleming, Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Vietnam.

“Our success is built on the satisfaction of our customers and by acting upon their feedback we can better serve their current and future needs. Manulife Vietnam’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) reflects how we are already creating more meaningful interactions in our customers’ lives and delivering solutions to help make decisions easier and lives better.”

In order to achieve its Bold Ambition, Manulife Vietnam is placing a greater focus on enhancing its online services, solutions and experiences for customers. Digital applications such as ePOS are already helping provide solutions according to the customers' needs, while eClaims allows customer claims to be submitted online within as quickly as one minute.

Customers who are insured value being consulted, serviced and interacted with quickly and conveniently. Manulife Vietnam is helping to address these needs through greater access to information channels such as the customer website, the official Manulife Vietnam Facebook fanpage and Customer Service Hotline 1800 1776.

As a way of connecting with even more customers, Manulife Vietnam has also expanded its service network to 86 offices across the country to provide greater support and advice. Customers can also access the latest information on healthy living, financial knowledge, along with insurance and smart investment planning through a livestream program broadcast every Saturday on the Manulife Vietnam Facebook fanpage.