Malaysia economic fundamentals remain strong: minister

12:50 | 11/08/2015 Global Economy

Malaysia's economic fundamentals remain strong and market sentiment is the major cause to ringgit depreciation, Malaysia's Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah said lately.

Malaysia economic fundamentals remain strong: minister

Malaysia ringgit is not the single currency that depreciates against U.S. dollar due to the recovery of U.S. economy. The market speculation that the Fed will raise interest rates in September also affects market sentiment, he said.


He said that Malaysia and other original product exporters will face more serious impact from price falls of their products.


Malaysian government has adopted series of measures, including cutting living cost, providing micro loans and skills training, creating business opportunities for manufacturers, as well as raising living standards of low-income households, the official added./.


Source: Xinhua