Maintaining Vietnam’s position in French market

08:35 | 03/08/2016 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnamese exports to France have maintained a steady growth despite the national export downtrend. Brexit is expected to make a negative impact on France’s import activities, including imports from Vietnam. For this reason, it is necessary for Vietnam to promote its goods in this market to earn good export revenues.

Maintaining Vietnam’s position in French market

Vietnamese litchi is one of the most favorable export items in France

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Vietnamese exports to France fetched more than US$1.1 billion for Vietnam in the first five months of 2016, a 4.37 percent increase over a year ago.

Key export items included telephones and accessories (hitting US$394 million, accounting for 34.5 percent), footwear (hitting US$193.8 million, increasing by 19.11 percent), garments and textiles (hitting US$130.4 million, increasing by 55.4 percent), personal computers, electronic appliances and handbags.

Former Big C CEO in Vietnam Guillaume Gerard Marie Seneclauze said French consumers prefer Vietnamese products in their Casino supermarkets (the holding company of Big C), mainly because they like the taste of Asian cuisine. Vietnam will gain more benefit in exporting to France after the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement takes effect.

There are nearly 400,000 Vietnamese living in France who are main buyers for domestic products. In the future, this community will act as a bridge for Vietnamese goods to enter France, support fast and effective trade relations and bring more benefits for consumers, distributors and producers, said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa.

Vietnamese key export products in the French market such as seafood, tea, garment, footwear and wooden furniture will further be benefited from zero tax rates cited in the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. Consumers in France and the EU then will enjoy better prices when they choose Vietnamese products.  

France for the first time imported eight tonnes of litchis from Vietnam in 2015. This year, this market is expected to import 70 tonnes of litchis from Vietnam. Vietnamese litchis are more preferred due to better quality and taste than those from Thailand and China. Litchis are pasteurized by sulfur dioxide fumigation, packed and airlifted to France. These procedures help to keep litchis fresh and tasty for a longer time.  

Experts forecast a decrease in trade between France and Vietnam due to Brexit. The devaluation of British pound sterling is expected to be the main reason for the decline of export revenue from France to the UK, which will affect total export revenues and the economy in general. Vietnam, therefore, should focus on promoting its products by trade promotion activities to maintain a growth in this market. 


Bao Ngoc