Luc Yen makes vocational training efforts

16:42 | 03/01/2016 Society

(VEN) - Vocational training for rural laborers in Yen Bai Province’s Luc Yen District has proved more efficient in recent times. The number of skilled laborers has annually increased, contributing to improving labor productivity, creating more jobs and raising incomes.

Luc Yen makes vocational training efforts

Gemstone painting in Yen Bai Province’s Luc Yen District

The district has faced many challenges at the start of vocational training activities in the region, including unequal awareness levels and age groups of those participating in vocational training, leading to difficulties in transferring knowledge to such a wide range of different course-goers. In addition, some new vocations have no teaching materials. Although the rate of laborers having jobs after vocational training has reached more than 80 percent, providing jobs for rural laborers has been unsatisfactory.

Although facing many difficulties, good results have been achieved, creating important changes in awareness among all levels, agencies, social organizations and workers in terms of the role of vocational training against the district’s agricultural and rural development. Vocational training needs to be tied to socioeconomic development targets and its budget must be used in an effective manner. A wider variety of jobs require training courses, including veterinary care, livestock breeding, seafood farming, mushroom growing, cage weaving, building and clothing, power generation, wielding, farming tool repairing, gemstone painting and stone carving. In addition, vocational training courses have been organized in villages to attract more rural laborers.

Vocational training efficiency has been improved, while apprentices have learned about new developments in their fields, contributing to reducing production costs, enhancing labor productivity, creating more jobs and raising their incomes.

According to the Luc Yen District Division of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, 7,092 rural laborers have been trained since 2010 and the rate of skilled laborers having jobs has reached more than 80 percent. In particular, a large number of skilled laborers have been recruited by large enterprises.

Luc Yen District has set targets to resolve and create jobs for 3,000 people this year. Since the beginning of the year, the district people’s committee has directed the department of labor, invalids and social affairs in cooperation with agencies, unions and communal people’s committees to further raise labor awareness in terms of the role of vocational training. In addition, the district has organized many vocational training courses such as mushroom growing, veterinary care, clean vegetable planting, building and clothing.

The district will strive to implement vocational training for around 1,200 rural laborers a year in the coming years. Thanks to the achieved results and adopted measures, vocational training efficiency is expected to be higher in the next period.       


Hong Duong