Long Hau IP: An industrial development success story

08:33 | 17/01/2018 Companies

(VEN) - Keeping abreast of the country’s renewal over the past three decades, Long An has grown from an underdeveloped province to a top foreign direct investment (FDI) attractor in the Mekong Delta, which is home to many large industrial parks (IPs). Long Hau industrial and urban zone has become one of the reliable, attractive destinations for investors in the province. 

long hau ip an industrial development success story

Taking advantage of its geographic location, and with effective investment promotion policies over the past three decades, Long An has lured strong FDI inflows, which have contributed to transforming the provincial economic structure and accelerating its economic growth. The number of FDI projects increased from two projects worth US$18 million in 1997 to 843 projects worth US$5.4 billion plus on June 30, 2017, of which 531 projects totaling US$3.32 billion plus in registered capital have been put into operation. These numbers are attributed to the province’s favorable business environment and efficient industrial parks including the Long Hau industrial and urban zone.

Logistics and import-export services

Founded over a decade ago, the 425-hectare Long Hau industrial and urban zone consists of the 137.02ha Long Hau IP, the 108.48ha expanded Long Hau IP, the 123.98ha Long Hau 3 IP and a 55ha residential area for people who were removed from their homes and resettled there. Long Hau zone has so far attracted more than 160 investors, half of them domestic enterprises and the remainder from Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), the US, France, Spain, and Singapore, among other countries and territories. Long Hau zone leading projects include Lotte Sea Logistics and Simone from the RoK, Takazono Vietnam (Japan), Avery Dennison Ris Vietnam (USA), and Clevie (France).

Long Hau zone is easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City. It offers technical and social infrastructure projects, human resources, services and large markets, while benefiting from the inter-regional overland and waterway routes connecting the southeastern region with the Mekong Delta. It is surrounded by the Kinh River that goes to the Soai Rap River - the most important waterway system in Ho Chi Minh City. The zone is located about three kilometers from the Saigon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT) and Saigon - Hiep Phuoc Port. Long Hau zone is gradually becoming an increasingly attractive destination for logistics and import-export service investors.

High quality services

Its favorable geographical location is important but its high quality services are even more attractive to investors. Long Hau has built a customer care team based on the strictest standards of Japan and Europe to continually create products that help investors improve competitiveness.

Long Hau holds monthly meetings with businesses while organizing study tours among factories to tighten cooperation among parties and between local leaders and investors.

Munehito Kiriyama, Managing Director of Takazono Vietnam, said, “We decided to choose Long Hau zone due to its favorable location. It is located near the port so is convenient for export activities. Road transportation is also very convenient, helping us save time and minimize land rent. Long Hau has provided us with assistance in employee recruitment and law-based assistance while offering a clean environment and consistent infrastructure. Thanks to that, we have achieved relatively good business efficiency within a short time. We have plans to expand our market in Vietnam in the near future.”

Nguyen Vu Hoang Trung, Director of the Hoang Duc Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company, said the company is building a 17,000-square-meter pharmaceutical storehouse and distribution center in Long Hau, and adequate infrastructure and prompt assistance from the Long Hau zone authority have enabled it to implement the project smoothly.

Green industrial park

Investors in Long Hau are benefiting from a favorable business environment, including such utilities as accommodations for workers, assistance for human resources recruitment and training, law-based assistance, and environmental and health services. Long Hau has adopted environmental protection measures and complied with state and environmental protection regulations.

Long Hau has built wastewater treatment plants and environmental management systems. It is one of the very few companies to achieve the ISO 14001: 2015 certification. With its goal of developing into a green industrial park, Long Hau has committed to help investors in fulfilling environmental protection regulations and ensuring clean production. This strong commitment has helped Long Hau attract an increasing number of investors, said Bui Le Anh Hieu, Marketing and sales Director of the Long Hau Joint Stock Corporation.

Along with its efficient businesses, the corporation frequently launched environment protection programs while significantly contributing to social security activities. It has established project enabling disadvantaged children to study and a support fund for workers, supported Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, built houses of gratitude and sponsored other social activities.

The Party and State have recognized these efforts, awarding the corporation a Second-grade Labor Order, National Gold Quality Award (twice), Asia Pacific Quality Award, Environmental Protection Award (four times) and other honors.

Phu Thoi