Long An Province helps industrial producers expand market

16:00 | 28/12/2021 Industry

(VEN) - In the Mekong Delta province of Long An, more and more enterprises and cooperatives are providing the market with practical goods certified as notable rural industrial products. The province’s Department of Industry and Trade plays an important role in implementing programs to help businesses and production households in the region develop market.

Making good use of industry promotion policies

Long An has 21 and 5 regional and national-level notable rural industrial products, respectively. The province is interested in development of notable rural industrial products and has adopted a number of policies to that end.

According to Long An Province’s Department of Industry and Trade, the province implemented numerous notable rural industrial product promotion activities in 2020. Notably, the province awarded the “Artisan of Long An Province” title to the owner of the Ms. Lanh handicraft shop, designer of the brocade bag recognized as a regional-level notable rural industrial product in 2020. The province provided funding for seven establishments with certified notable rural industrial products, helping them build websites to promote their products, and assisted businesses to display and introduce recognized products in provincial and regional trade fairs and exhibitions.

long an province helps industrial producers expand market

Long An implemented its new industry promotion policy in 2021 with higher levels of assistance for rural industrial establishments (the provincial people’s committee’s Decision 45/2019/QD-UBND).

The province’s industry and trade promotion center used more than VND910 million of the provincial industry promotion program’s VND1.4 billion funding to help seven rural industrial and trading establishments apply automated production lines.

The authorities have assessed that most of the province's notable rural industrial products have potential to attract investment in product value chain formation, are competitive and likely to sell domestically and in export markets.

Notable product promotion

Honoring and supporting the development of notable rural industrial products is an important part of the industry promotion program. The provincial people's committee assigns the Department of Industry and Trade to give advice annually on promotion of these products.

National and provincial industry promotion programs have helped establishments with notable rural industrial products apply advanced machinery and equipment. Among the programs’ beneficiaries were the Ba Buoi household business in Tan An City’s Nhon Thanh Trung Commune, Kim Hue sausage establishment in Chau Thanh District’s Tam Vu Township, Cay Trom Cooperative in Go Xoai Hamlet of Vinh Hung District’s Hung Dien A Commune, and Tran Thi Ngoc Lan household business in Trung Chanh Hamlet of Vinh Hung District’s Thai Binh Trung Commune.

The Department of Industry and Trade will work with other authorities, sectors and localities in reviewing lists of notable provincial products in order to suggest to the provincial people's committee to add or remove certain products from those lists.

Thanh Tam