Long An drives towards industrialization, modernization

10:15 | 19/07/2019 Society

(VEN) - The Mekong Delta province of Long An has a favorable geographical location, being in the southern key economic region and next to Ho Chi Minh City. The province is making greater efforts to complete the goal of industrialization and modernization by implementing 11 breakthrough solutions, Long An People’s Committee Chairman Tran Van Can said.

long an drives towards industrialization modernization

Firstly, the province will promote administrative reforms, improve the business environment, maintain dialogues with businesses, overcome difficulties to boost the implementation of infrastructure projects in industrial zones and clusters, and accelerate ground clearance and compensation to ensure the legitimate interests of people and investors.

Secondly, the province will develop synchronous and modern socioeconomic infrastructure, and raise all resources to implement key infrastructure projects.

Thirdly, the province will promote the training of human resources to meet development requirements, improve the efficiency and quality of vocational training, and enhance professional qualifications of officials and civil servants.

Fourthly, the province will strengthen technology transfer, create favorable conditions for businesses to conduct research and development activities, and provide support for small- and medium-sized enterprises in innovation.

Fifthly, the province will continue to restructure public investment, allocate resources in high-efficiency sectors, limit outstanding debts arising from basic construction and deal with outstanding debts from public investment.

Sixthly, the province will promote agricultural restructuring in association with new rural area building, implement programs in high-tech agricultural development, and strengthen links between production and processing with consumption based on value chains.

Seventhly, the province will boost the restructuring of industrial sectors, promote the development of industrial products with high added-value, and create favorable conditions for businesses to improve performance and competitiveness.

Eighthly, the province will focus on restructuring the service sector and developing potential areas, such as finance-banking, logistics, education and training, and health. Logistics will be given top priority.

Ninthly, the province will foster the development of the private sector, increase publicity and transparency to improve the efficiency of investment, and seriously implement governmental resolutions on improving the business environment and national competitiveness.

Tenthly, the province will promote regional links and implement the urbanization process effectively. Accordingly, the province will enhance the effectiveness of programs linking provinces and cities in the region, with a focus on the linkage between Long An Province and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the province will pay attention to the linkage of the Dong Thap Muoi sub-region between the three provinces of Long An, Dong Thap and Tien Giang.

Finally, the province will modernize methods and improve the efficiency of state management in order to build a streamlined apparatus, and strengthen the application of information technology to create breakthroughs in building e-government.

Phu Thoi