Local scientific and technological activities promoted

15:30 | 25/03/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Science and Technology Law, channeling designated funds, has advanced several local activities and projects in this sector.

Local scientific and technological activities promoted

The local science and technology sector will develop towards hi-tech innovation

Scientific and technological projects are booming

According to Ho Ngoc Luat, the Director of the Ministry-led Department of Local Science and Technology Development, this law, which was only enforced in 2014, has already helped boost development in this field. Last year, nearly 400 legal documents were issued by provinces and cities, allowing local scientists to better implement their assigned tasks.

Last year, provinces and cities across the country deployed nearly 1,300 projects in science and technology, 317 of which noted for their outstanding socioeconomic achievements. Most projects were made in the agro-scientific sector in six key areas throughout the country, and focused on crop variation and productivity.

For example, Cao Phong oranges in Hoa Binh Province have been increased in value to VND600 million per ha, and new rice varieties planted in Bac Giang Province yielded 5.6 tonnes per ha last year, equivalent to the national average of rice productivity.

Bright prospects for local science and technology

According to Luat, science and technology will be developed through science and technology funds, especially local-level ones. These funds are an important source to support scientists in piloting new production plans and technologies.

Ho Ngoc Luat, the Director of the Department of Local Science and Technology Development under the Ministry of Science and Technology, said, “The science and technology sector across the country is positively responding to the Science and Technology Law. Further achievements in this field will likely result from the cooperation of businesses, organizations, and the public. Private investment in this sector will further help the country boost science and technology development.”

Local orders are increasing, accounting for 30-40 percent of the annual scientific tasks. In particular, several provinces and cities including Thai Binh, Binh Dinh, and Ho Chi Minh City have received incentives to attract more private investment into scientific and technological projects via the 30 percent state investment and 70 private investment mechanism. “Thanks to this mechanism, scientific and technological projects have been much better financed,” Luat said.

This year, local science and technology will continue to be invested in to develop towards hi-tech goals based on local strengths.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung already approved several key national scientific and technological programs for development in mountainous and rural areas, an intellectual property development program, a hi-tech development program, and a national product development program towards 2020, with the aim of rapidly boosting the national socioeconomic development.

By Quynh Nga

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