Local markets introduce ROK food to customers

09:32 | 28/10/2016 Trade

Many supermarkets in Vietnam will showcase food of the Gyeongi-do region of the Republic of Korea (ROK) this coming October 20-29, dishes that are sure to grab the attention of local customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Local markets introduce ROK food to customers

Although Korean food is not as widely known as Chinese or Japanese food, it is gaining more and more in popularity in Vietnam, say the organizers. Like in most Asian countries, rice is the staple of the ROK diet.

The featured foods will include chicken Bulgogi, Barbacoa Bibimbap, Dakdoritang, and Kimchi Fried Rice. In addition to these four dishes are Savory Vegetable Noodle, Spicy Chicken Wings, and Asian Buckwheat Noodle that use Korean sauce.

A wide range of ROK products such as seaweed, as well as Korean ginseng, beef bone soup shagol gomtang, doganitang, gogi gomtang, mushrooms, herbal teas, and champagne Sansamgadeuk Myeongsul will also feature during the event.

Participating retail establishments include Lotte Mart, K-mart Keang nam, K-mart My Dinh, K-mart Trung Ha, Metro Mart, Big C and the King BBQ restaurant among others./.


Source: VOV

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