Livestock production and supply chains promoted

14:35 | 04/01/2016 Society

(VEN) - Hanoi’s development of livestock production and supply chains is considered as key to promote the competiveness of its livestock production as it will promote more easy traceability for the point of origin for livestock

Livestock production and supply chains promoted

Hanoi focuses on non-residential large-scale livestock development

The Hanoi Livestock Development Center has established 21 livestock production and supply chains since 2011, including 8 pig production and supply chains, 8 poultry production and supply chains, 4 pig and poultry production and supply chains and 1 dairy cow production and supply chain. Some products resulted from production and supply chain models have won consumer trust such as Tien Vien and 729 eggs and Bao Chau pork.

This year alone saw three new pig production and supply chains established in Tho Loc Commune (Phuc Tho District), Can Huu Commune (Quoc Oai District) and Van Tao Commune (Thuong Tin District). These models have been viewed as successfully promoting links between local pig raisers and corporate buyers.

Hanoi expects to record 4,500 tonnes of pork, 3,100 tonnes of poultry, 140 million eggs and 29,000 liters of fresh milk in total livestock chain production for the year.

The center is providing livestock production and supply chain establishment consultancy at a commune level, seeing that all communes in Hanoi have a conventional market where local livestock breeders, slaughterers and sellers frequent, commune-level authorities are capable of managing livestock breeding, slaughtering and selling facilities and every commune has a veterinary station with trained staff.

The establishment of livestock production and supply chains in Hanoi’s communes will benefit local livestock breeders, slaughterers, sellers and buyers, while improving the competitiveness of domestic livestock products given anticipated competition from foreign companies.

According to Director of the Hanoi Livestock Development Center Ta Van Tuong, the Hanoi People’s Committee has approved the project for a chain of production and supply of livestock products ensuring food safety in Hanoi for the 2016-2020 period via Decision 5818/QD-UBND dated October 30, 2015. In addition, it has also issued decisions to set up five livestock production and supply associations for hill-raised chickens in Ba Vi and Soc Son, Mia chickens in Son Tay, duck-eggs in Lien Chau and ducks in Van Dinh, which is part of Hanoi’s sustainable specialty development strategy. “These associations are preparing for official operation and are supported by the city in terms of completing related collective trademark registration profiles for submitting to the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.


Nguyen Hanh