LILAMA 69-1 affirms its name in processing mechanical products for export

10:26 | 07/11/2017 Companies

(VEN) - In recent years, LILAMA 69-1 has been positioning its name with a series of contracts to export equipment to different markets worldwide such as the US, India, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Chile, Morocco, and Iraq ... It shows that the strategy of the company to affirm its own position in fields of outsourcing, manufacturing by joining the global production chain is absolutely right.

lilama 69 1 affirms its name in processing mechanical products for export

Packages of Fired Heater manufactured by LILAMA 69-1 are loaded by a crane at Hai Phong Port for export to Iraq

Showing capabilities of processing, manufacturing mechanical equipment and products

LILAMA 69-1 has the capability of producing over 10,000 tons of products per year. Its main products include: steel structures; air pre-heaters; chimneys; air pipes; tanks of large cubic capacity; heat exchangers for coal-fired thermal power plants, petrochemical refineries, and chemical plants of international standards.

In 2013, LILAMA 69-1 was certified "U" certificate (apply for manufacturing pressure vessels) by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); “S” certificate (used for the manufacture and installation of a thermal power plant boiler), and the “R” certificate by the National Board (repair and conversion of pressure equipment). These international certifications not only affirmed the company’s capability processing, manufacturing and installing pressure products with very high safety requirements under stringent supervision from ASME but they also proved its credibility with international clients in middle markets and high-demand markets in the world. In 2016, LILAMA 69-1 continued to be certified the "U", "S" and "R" certificates by ASME and NB. The certificates showed high quality of LILAMA 69-1’s products, and helped bring them to the regional and the world market.

Leaving marks in international market

So far, many products processed and manufactured by LILAMA 69-1 such as air pre-heater, steel structure, pipes, and tanks ... have been present in many countries around the world like the US, India, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Chile, Morocco, and Iraq ...

Particularly, mechanical products of LILAMA 69-1 have been exported to USA. Specifically, the company signed contracts with ENEXIO to export processed and manufactured Steam ducting, and tanks. Everyone knows that it is not an easy job to export mechanical products to the US market due to the importer’s strict technical regulations and standards. However, LILAMA 69-1 for the first time has approached the market with a contract of more than 2,000 tons of ducts for the operation of the Greensville County Power Station Thermal-Power Plant project in the US.

This is the first project that LILAMA 69-1 cooperated with ENEXIO and also the first time LILAMA 69-1’s products were exported to the US. 2,146 tons of ducts which were manufactured from February 13, 2016 were handed over to the US partner at the end of September 2016.

The success of this first project brought about four new contracts for the company on manufacturing ducts for the Towatic Thermal-Power Plant project also in the US, the Karabatan Thermal-Power Plant project in Kazakhstan, the Moka and Maputo Thermal-Power Plant projects in Japan.

lilama 69 1 affirms its name in processing mechanical products for export

Air pre-heaters manufactured by LILAMA 69-1 at Pha Rung workshop (Hai Phong) are exported to Japan under a contract signed with Sumitomo Group

LILAMA 69-1 also manufactured and exported a large number of air pre-heaters for thermal-power plants in various markets such as Japan following orders of the Sumitomo Group (the Biomass coal-fired thermal power plant), Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia...

Currently, the Sumitomo Group continues to order LILAMA 69-1 to manufacture air pre-heaters including 6 blocks, 5 Ducts and 1 casing with total volume of 518.1 tons. This is the 9th order for Lilama 69-1 from the Japanese group and the products are expected to be exported to Japan in November 2017.

In addition, in 2016, LILAMA 69-1 successfully manufactured fired heaters to export to Iraq for the Karbala oil refinery project under a contract signed with Kirchner Italia SpA Company (Italy).

Giving assessments on the company’s manufacturing activities of export products, General director of LILAMA 69-1 said, in order to gain success, they need to create trust that is built on the quality of products and on-time delivery as these are prerequisite factors when doing business with foreign partners.

Despite many difficulties and challenges, the completion of projects on schedule, meeting high requirements of partners was the result of the devotion, creativity and unity of the company staff. Meeting customers’ orders has also proved LILAMA 69-1 capability in middle and high-end markets and its products have been penetrating further into the global value chain, proving the vision and right direction of LILAMA 69-1. This is the opportunity for LILAMA 69-1 to open wide its door to the world market, affirming its own position in the field of processing and manufacturing equipment for petrochemical and chemical projects.

Nguyen Duyen