Legislators discuss economic restructuring, socio-economic development plans

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The second session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) entered its third working day on October 22, with deputies discussing in groups the issues of economic restructuring for 2016-2020, socioeconomic performance and the State budget in 2016 and plans for 2017 and the medium-term public investment plan for 2016-2020.

Legislators discuss economic restructuring, socio-economic development plans

Hanoi’s NA deputies hold a group discussion on October 22

With regards to socio-economic performance for 2016 and plans for 2017, deputy Le Thanh Van of Ca Mau and many others agreed with the Government’s report, stating that in 2016, the new Government faced a lot of difficulties and challenges, including droughts, floods, environmental incidents, accidents at work, high public debts and bad debts yet to be definitely resolved.

However, with the message of building a constructive government of integrity, the Government had actively directed the renovation of the administrative apparatus with an array of measures, starting from the personnel issue and the combination of fiscal policies and monetary policies, as well as other policies to control inflation, to the creation of favourable conditions for businesses, thereby contributing to stabilising the macroeconomy and boosting growth, they said.

In addition, legislators pointed out the shortcomings and weaknesses yet to be clearly covered by the report, including the corruption situation, the quality of the appointed officials, the ineffective distributions of public investment resources, the slow restructuring of State-owned enterprises and the limited resources for the maritime economy.

Concerning socioeconomic plans for 2017, deputy Bui Thanh Tung (Hai Phong) suggested that the Government continue accelerating administrative reforms and attracting investment from foreign companies associated with creating favourable conditions for domestic medium- and small-sized enterprises. Agriculture should be selected as the spearhead industry to be prioritised for development resources, he noted.

Discussing the 2016-2020 economic restructuring plan, deputy Nguyen Chien of Hanoi and some others stressed the need to accelerate the process of pestment and the equitisation of State-owned enterprises in association with the restructuring of economic regions and sectors following specific roadmaps. Some recommended that the Government work out an appropriate scenario for economic restructuring, paying attention to the balance between budget collection and spending.

Regarding the five-year financial plan, the majority of NA deputies agreed with the viewpoints put forward by the government in its report. However, some suggested that the Government pay more attention to the internal power of the economy, particularly the domestic market, to prevent domestic businesses from suffering disadvantages on their “home turf.”/.


Source: NDO

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