Learning electronics development from Thailand

11:15 | 22/06/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Reed Tradex Deputy Managing Director Suttisak Wilanan said, “Vietnam has advantages in terms of labor, while labor costs in Thailand are increasing. Therefore, opportunities to promote cooperation, conduct technology transfer and develop electronics, engineering and automotive industries are available in order to help the two countries deeply participate in the global supply chain.”

Learning electronics development from Thailand

NEPCON Thailand 2016 will provide opportunities for Vietnamese electronics businesses

According to the Vietnam Electronic Industries Association, the Vietnamese electronics industry has recorded average growth of around 10 percent a year. Together with the presence of many global electronic brands, in addition to policies encouraging its development, the local rate of electrical and electronic goods produced in Vietnam has increased by 20-40 percent. These figures have contributed to underlining Vietnam’s greater efforts in participating in the global value chain.

Suttisak Wilanan said that the same initial point between Thailand and Vietnam was the processing, assembly and production of small components in order to provide for the global market. Vietnam has adopted policies to encourage strong development of automotive and electronics industries, while many famous brands have shifted their plants to Vietnam. Thailand is also included in its trend.

Thailand is driving towards manufacturing high-quality and sophisticated electronic equipment in Vietnam by modern production lines as Vietnam has advantages in terms of labor force. With rich experience in automotive and electronics industries, Vietnam can learn more about technologies and management skills from Thailand, especially in a context where the ASEAN Economic Community was established.

NEPCON Thailand 2016, the event for electronics manufacturing industry will be organized in Bangkok on June 22-25 with the participation of 350 brands of technology providers from 22 countries. This will be an opportunity for Vietnamese manufacturers and investors in the electronics industry to improve their standards, seek new technologies and promote trade and production activities. The exhibition will also introduce cloud computing technologies, helping Vietnamese businesses access new knowledge and partners in the electronics industry.

Suttisak Wilanan also said that Vietnamese businesses in the electronics industry are encouraged to participate in NEPCON Thailand 2016. The event will provide up-to-date information and technology solutions for Vietnamese manufacturers to improve their operations in the context of international economic integration. 


Nguyen Huong

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