Launch of “One month campaign commemorating World Intellectual Property Day”

14:09 | 01/04/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - March 31, 2015, The Ministry of Science and Technology, with the support of BSAI The Software Alliance launched the “One month campaign commemorating World Intellectual Property Day”.

Launch of “One month campaign commemorating World Intellectual Property Day”

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology , Mr. Tran Viet Thanh making the opening remark at the launch this morning

In opening remarks, Mr Tran Viet Thanh, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) said: “To improve public understanding of intellectual property laws in recognition, application, development and protection of IPRs; promote research and innovation, application of science and technology for increased productivity and socioeconomic development in Vietnam; make the entire society be well prepapred for TPP accession, one month truce (March 31 – April 30) is devoted for educational and training activities, which are followed by enhanced enforcement activities in May and months to come.

Vice Minister Thanh’s aim in underscoring the goal of the “One month campaign commemorating World Intellectual Property Day” is to enlist the involvement of the entire society in this field, especially to enhance the role and responsibility of intellectual property regulatory agencies and intellectual property right enforcement agencies at the very top levels in IPR protection and implementation; the media in communicating issues related to intellectual property; right owners in protecting intellectual property rights; and importantly consumers, to provide meaningful contributions to the country’s prosperity and development.

The launch ceremony this morning attracted the participation of many representatives othe government inter-ministerial IPR Task Forces includes 9 goverments agencies and international organizations

Intellectual property right enforcement over the years in Vietnam has been underway in a coordinated fashion from the national to local levels.

Statistical data from the report by Chief Inspector Tran Minh Dung, MOST, Head of Acting Committee, 168 Program shows that in 2013-2014, inspectors and monitors of ministries, line agencies and local governments (MOST inspectors, market watchdog, the police and customs) intercepted 32,474 offences related to counterfeit, substandard goods, and IPR infringements, issuing fines of VND139 billion in money worth, imposing forced disposal or removal of infringement components of hundreds of thousands of products in breach of IPRs or unhealthy competition laws, and forced destruction of tens of thousands of fake products, transgressing trademarks, containers and labels.

In computer software copyright enforcement alone, Deputy Chief Inspector, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism( MOCST), Mr. Tran Van Minh said:“MOCST inspectors conducted 121 audit missions in 2014, including spots checks at 82 companies for compliance with current computer software ownership laws.These resulted in civil offence fines worth VND1,570,000,000.”

The efforts of regulatory agencies have paid off as IPR audit, inspection and penalization have made significant contributions to education, communication, deterrence and prevention of IP law violation; protection of the legitimate interests of right owners, consumers and the society as a whole; and helped build a healthier business environment, drawing investment in innovation.

Mr. Roland Chan, Senior Director, Compliance Program, Asia Pacific, BSAIThe Software Alliance, said at the launch event:“We value the strong efforts and remarkable initial progress made by the agencies of the Vietnamese government in intellectual property right protection over the years, especially in relation to computer software.T hese actions by the Vietnamese government are vital in managing the growing global challenge of cyber security risks as well as building trust among foreign investors”.

“IPR protection is a daunting and enduring task, especially for an emerging economy that is trying to earn its share in the world like Vietnam. Apart from what the government is doing, there is a need for concerted efforts from relevant organizations, line agencies and the entire society” added Mr. Roland Chan,

The MOST continues to work with BSA|The Software Alliance in this program toward the goal of taking the cause of IPR protection and enforcement in Vietnam to event better success in the near future.

Hoang Anh