Large German business delegation to tour Vietnam

15:08 | 06/10/2015 Economy

The German Industry and Commerce (GIC) in Vietnam has unveiled in a press release that a contingent of representatives from 10 businesses will visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on October 12-16 to explore trade and investment opportunities.

Large German business delegation to tour Vietnam

The press release said the five-day visit aims to explore potential opportunities in a host of industries running the gamut from construction, manufacturing, services and wholesaling to retailing.

Referring to a GIC report, the release said Vietnam is one of Germany’s key partners in the EU with total commercial trade having grown annually over the past five years at rates ranging 15-20% annually.

Last year, Vietnam’s combined imports and exports with Germany hit nearly 8 billion Euro. The Southeast Asian nation mainly exported telephones and components, clothing, footwear, coffee and seafood while machinery and equipment accounted for 45% of imports./.

Source: VOVnews