Lang Son becomes buoyant for import-export activities

09:27 | 29/12/2013 Trade

(VEN) - Imported goods gathered at the border gates in Lang Son have risen from 15-20 percent compared to the end of the previous month as import and export businesses are focusing on major package contracts to meet consumer demand in China and Vietnam for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Cargo vehicles parked in rows at the Tan Thanh Border Crossing

According to Lang Son Customs Department, exports and imports in November increased 15 percent compared with October, with exports increasing by 15 percent and imports by 16 percent. The main imports were automobiles, automotive components, machinery, and chemicals via the Huu Nghi Border Gate; and fresh fruit via the Tan Thanh Border Gate; while major exports included tapioca, dried cassava chips, fresh fruits, ornamental plants, and seafood through the Coc Nam Border Gate.

Increased imports and exports of machinery and equipment imported through the Huu Nghi Border Gate showed an increase in domestic production. Also, Vietnamese and Chinese consumer demand has increased dramatically. For example, the Tan Thanh Border Gate is currently registering nearly 130 agricultural product trucks leaving from Vietnam for China per day while it was about 45-50 trucks in October.

According to many agro-traders at the border gates of Tan Thanh, Coc Nam, and Huu Nghi, the yield and value of exports of major agricultural commodities in December such as cassava chips, tapioca, bananas, watermelon, dragon fruit, and rice will increase much more than the previous two months until the Lunar New Year.

Commodity shippers at the Coc Nam Border Gate are busy packaging shipments of main agricultural exports such as dragon fruit, mango, durian, corn, peppers, and sweet potatoes. This year, the gate has been upgraded so as to favor import-export activities, avoiding traffic jams as seen in previous years.

The goods yards at the Tan Thanh Border Gate have been fully occupied by containers to be shipped across the border in accordance with signed contracts.

According to Lang Son Customs Department, all import and export activities can now be done through all border gates, which will facilitate imports and exports, especially agricultural products for reducing the pressure on large border gates of Tan Thanh, Huu Nghi, and Coc Nam./.

By Nguyen Quang