Lan Ha Bay, pristine beauty not to be missed

19:41 | 07/02/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Located next to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay covers an area of more than 7,000 hectares, highlighted by the breathtaking beauty of about 400 islands of varying shapes. Unlike the rocky limestone islands of Ha Long Bay, all the Lan Ha Bay islands are covered in green trees.  

lan ha bay pristine beauty not to be missed
Visitors kayak to explore caves and enjoy the scenery

Lan Ha Bay is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam and was officially admitted to the Club of the most Beautiful Bays of the World located in Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve.

Lan Ha also contains outstanding and prominent ecosystems such as caves, intertidal ecosystem, coral reef ecosystem, soft-bottom ecosystem and saltwater lake ecosystem. Located in Cat Ba archipelago, it is also home to about 3,860 species of terrestrial and marine plants and animals.

lan ha bay pristine beauty not to be missed
lan ha bay pristine beauty not to be missed
Visitors discover Viet Hai fishing village

Lan Ha Bay has 139 small, lovely and deserted golden sandy beaches which attract visitors to explore. Under the clear blue water are colorful coral reef beaches such as Van Boi and Van Ha. Sen Island, Cu Island and Monkey Island are great places for visitors to see coral due to their calm waters.

Cruises are the best way to experience the beauty and silence of Lan Ha Bay. Tourists can kayak off the cruise ships, visit caves such as Sang and Toi (Light and Dark) caves with their beautiful limestone mountains and rich ecosystems. Another interesting experience is climbing Hai Quan hill from the highest point of Cat Ba Island, from where visitors can view the entire Lan Ha Bay.

lan ha bay pristine beauty not to be missed
Cruises allow tourists to enjoy Lan Ha Bay’s beauty
lan ha bay pristine beauty not to be missed
Lan Ha Bay boasts pristine beauty with many large and small islands

Journey to Lan Ha Bay, visitors can also immerse themselves in the peaceful life of the Viet Hai fishing village, located along flowery streets and immense green fields. Viet Hai fishing village is located deep in Cat Ba National Park.

Hoa Quynh