Lam Dong proactive in agricultural integration

10:33 | 13/02/2016 Economy- Society

(VEN) - One-billion-dong fields in Lam Dong Province thanks to the intensive application of high technologies are the province’s first achievements in provincial agricultural integration, said Deputy Chairman of the Lam Dong Province’s People’s Committee Pham S in an interview with Vietnam Economic News’ Quynh Nga.

Lam Dong proactive in agricultural integration

How has Lam Dong prepared for its agricultural integration?

Recognizing increasing economic integration, we have prepared for provincial agricultural integration since 2014. All local related departments and agencies have been asked to plan agricultural production of crops and cold-water fish on a wider scale according to the requirements from provincial agricultural integration. Lam Dong aims to become one of leading cold-water fish producers and exporters in the Southeast Asia and has been able to produce 800 tonnes of cold-water fish annually, accounting for 65 percent of the country’s total production.

What incentives has Lam Dong provided for agricultural technology investors?

Lam Dong has focused on the implementation of pro-agriculture incentives and mechanisms and agricultural development management, with a view to encouraging investors while curbing spontaneous goods-oriented agricultural production.

In addition, it has placed importance on agricultural technology application, branding, workforce development, farmer-trader link promotion and foreign direct investment (FDI) and official development assistance (ODA) attraction into local agricultural development.

Lam Dong has bee moving towards an agricultural goods-oriented direction, with 43,000ha or 16 percent of its agricultural land dedicated to the application high technology and an average income per ha reaching VND140 million or US$7,000.

Several provincial agro-products have reached international production levels including Arabica coffee yielding 7-9 tonnes per ha and Oolong tea yielding 18 tonnes per ha, or have generated VND0.5-4 billion in annual income per ha.

What is the role of businesses in Lam Dong’s agricultural development?

Lam Dong has attracted VND4.64 trillion in investment in the provincial development of high technology agriculture from 67 investors including the Netherland-based Finance B.V. that is involved in a EUR9.5 million export vegetable project in Lam Ha District, AgriVina Co. Ltd that is undertaking a US$1.5 million high-class flower breeding project, and especially, 11 Japanese investors with total registered investment of US$32.48 million.

These investment projects have contributed significantly to Lam Dong’s agricultural development in terms of technical infrastructure and product branding and competitiveness.

Deputy Chairman of the Lam Dong Province’s People’s Committee Pham S said, “Lam Dong has potential for agricultural development cooperation in the context of increasing international integration according to investors.”


Quynh Nga