LadiPage optimizes digital marketing at lower prices

13:00 | 24/12/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - LadiPage was established in 2017 to help businesses create sales pages and optimize digital marketing activities. Five years on, this technology startup has more than 300,000 customers, including such leading ones as VinGroup, Golden Gate and MSB. LadiPage has created more than 3.5 million landing pages and nearly 450,000 orders per day. 

ladipage optimizes digital marketing at lower prices
LadiPage’s Founder Binh Nguyen

Core values

LadiPage creators sought to build a simple website to help businesses promote sales by advertising their products without having to pay for a web developer. Their product is an easy-to-use Landing Page Optimization Platform that generates more conversions with the same level of advertising.

LadiPage is designed and operated entirely based on the AWS cloud platform, and it uses a wide range of AWS services. These include Amazon ElasticSearch Service that helps optimize the personalized search experience and monitor infrastructure, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), which helps process large amounts of data, among others. EMR helps users save 20 percent of their time compared to other solutions - LadiFlow, LadiSales, and LadiChat. Building and designing a LadiPage platform takes time and costs much less than building and managing a separate server system.

LadiPage will expand and diversify integrated technology solutions to better meet the market’s multi-channel development and online business demands. The time savings and reduced costs of infrastructure management and deployment has helped it focus on developing new products and services and provided it with an advantage compared to others in the field.

LadiPage’s Founder Binh Nguyen has created the company’s core value and culture to make LadiPage and its partners different. He said LadiPage’s orientation is to build a senior leadership team consisting of marketing, communications and advertising founders and experts. LadiPage has so far helped small and medium-sized businesses and individual business groups in Vietnam create more than 3.5 million landing pages and nearly 450,000 orders per day. These numbers are still increasing and are expected to grow strongly following a September 2021 investment by NextTech Group.

ladipage optimizes digital marketing at lower prices

Investment boost

In September 2021, LadiPage launched its starter package with indefinite free-of-charge LadiBoost products and received investment capital from NextTech Group and Next100 Ventures. This set of technology products optimizes e-commerce activities for small and medium-sized businesses and online sellers, including LadiPage, LadiChat, LadiSales, and LadiFlow.

Explaining the decision to invest in LadiPage, Nguyen Hoa Binh, President of the NextTech Group, said LadiPage is a startup offering digital transformation and online business development that are essential for success. The support and strategic investment by the NextTech Group will provide LadiPage with the impetus to realize its market development plan in Vietnam as well as its bigger dreams in foreign markets at a low cost and with the highest efficiency. Product, human resources and marketing development will be promoted to provide the highest efficiency and best experience for customers.

LadiPage will start branding and marketing development of its new products in 2022.

More and more consumers are shifting to online shopping, providing an opportunity for small businesses, which have been heavily affected by the pandemic, to restart operations with small amounts of capital and the lowest store rent costs. Businesses that want to create a sales page and optimize digital marketing activities can contact LadiPage through website and email address

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