Labor Hero Nguyen Quang Mau, a tile and brick pioneer

06:00 | 27/02/2021 Society

(VEN) - Ha Long tiles are a known Vietnamese brand around the world, made by the Viglacera Ha Long Joint Stock Company. Its founder is Labor Hero Nguyen Quang Mau, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Dat Viet Pottery Joint Stock Company.

labor hero nguyen quang mau a tile and brick pioneer

Passion for the profession

Although Mau’s hometown was in the Red Delta province of Thai Binh, at the age of 20 he went to work at the Gieng Day Brick Tile Enterprise in the coastal city of Ha Long in Quang Ninh Province. Over the years, he worked his way up to the position of General Director of the Viglacera Ha Long Corporation, but remained passionate about his profession and interested in the lives of his workers.

In appreciation of their hard work, Mau built apartment buildings for the employees near the plant in the Ha Long brick and tile village, boosting their motivation to work.

labor hero nguyen quang mau a tile and brick pioneer
Nguyen Quang Mau, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Dat Viet Pottery Joint Stock Company

His passion for soil, pottery and building materials production resulted in the establishment of the Dat Viet Pottery Joint Stock Company and the Dat Viet Brick and Tile Joint Stock Company.

In 2010, he was awarded the title of Labor Hero by the state. It was also the year he was old enough to retire, but in response to his staff’s wishes, he held the company’s leadership position for another two years.

World-famous Vietnamese brand

The company’s production facilities cover 31 hectares, and the automation model it introduced for each stage has increased productivity by 1.4 times. Its unique and high-tech products include a special kind of enameled tile with seven different colors suitable with the feng shui of each customer. This product is only heated in the oven once instead of twice.

In addition, the company has also researched and produced bricks and tiles to build temples and pagodas, specializing in preserving relics and building new spiritual works. Many of the company’s products are used in apartment buildings, high-class offices, hotels, villas and art works.

Dat Viet pottery is available in all 63 Vietnamese provinces and cities and is exported to 51 countries and territories around the world, including discerning markets such as Europe, the US, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Many of the company’s products are used for key projects, such as in the President Ho Chi Minh Monument at the Hanoi Presidential Palace, the communal house and the pagoda in Truong Sa, Ngoa Van Pagoda, and Ba Vang Pagoda.

In recognition of his great contributions to promoting Vietnam’s bricks, tiles and other earthenware products around the world, and to changing contemporary Vietnamese brick and tile production, Labor Hero Nguyen Quang Mau was honored with an honorary doctorate by the World Records University Institute in December 2020.

Dat Viet pottery displays typical Vietnamese features, such as the betel-mandarin red color. Dat Viet floor tiles are not slippery and do not catch mold, while the roof tiles maintain their color, are warm in winter, cool in summer and resilient in the face of severe weather conditions.

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